Update on Wan-Wan

At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS)
Wan-Wan was admitted to Frankel Veterinary Centre in the evening of 28th September 2015 for poor gait. The cause was likely due to another stroke. Her last stroke was in 2014 where she made a good recovery after about 12 sessions of acupuncture with Dr Oh.
See this video (taken on 28th September 2015):

Siew Ying picked up Wan-Wan last night.

Wan-Wan hopes for sponsor for her acupuncture.

PM MCDS if you-wish to contribute to Wan-Wan’s acupuncture fund. Receipts will be be posted.



Wan-Wan at the vet



At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter:

Last night, Siew Ying sent Wan-Wan to the vet as “she suddenly got up but right side tilted to one side. Once straightened, she could walk.
I thought she would pass on in her sleep.
Xrays done showed no fracture or dislocation. Likely another stroke. She is being monitored at the vet.”


1st October 2015 update: Wan-Wan can be discharged from the vet clinic today. Acupuncture is recommended to help in regaining her physical function affected by yet another stroke.
Fund is needed for the acupuncture sessions which aided her recovery in her 2014 stroke.


Mettacats & Dogs calendar 2016

Mettacats & Dogs calendar 2016

We are pleased to present Mettacats & Dogs shelter 2016.

The calendar is paid for by our babies; Ken Ken, Gold-D, Mandarin, Seng Seng, Jonah, Teddy and Tamasan. This means that :
100% of the proceeds go to Mettacats.

Each month features a cat or dog who were once abanonded or abused, saved by Mettacats and now adopted in a loving home. Because every life and very animal is precious, each month uses the gem stone of the month for its colour.

Also included:

  • a Chinese New year card
  • a Xmas card

Where to buy?

Animal Human Alliance (AHA)
100d Pasir Panjang Road 03-11 S118520
Tel: 81272723
Order AHA online along with your pet food

The Cat Cafe
Add: 241B Victoria Street Singapore 188030
Tel: 6338 6815

Well Dressed Cafe
Add: 282 South Bridge Rd, 058831
Tel: 6534 7787
Next to Tooth Relic Temple

Mettacats & dogs shelter

Mettacats is a private shelter and looks after many abused or abandoned animals.

Most of these cats and dogs would have died if not for Mettacats. The founder has been caring for them everyday for the last 16 years, making a wonderful difference to many animals.

Lets give Mettacats & Dogs shelter your support and enjoy pictures of these happy animals all year round!

2016 Calendars

MCDS calenders

Kitsch Kids Workshop is proud to present the METTA 2016 Calendar

This is a joint production with pet food shop Animal Human Alliance, who generously sponsored all printing costs while we contributed the design.

The calendar features some adorable cats and dogs from Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter who have found a forever home with their humans.

Lunar dates and public holidays are indicated. There are also two greeting postcards enclosed, for your use during Chinese New Year and Christmas.

Please support sales of this calendar, as 100% of the amount you pay will go to the no-kill shelter, where many animals are loved until they pass on.

Each calendar costs only $10 if you buy 5 or more.
For 1-4 pieces, each calendar costs $15.



1) Buy personally at AHA, the Cat Cafe, or Well-Dressed cafe. [See attached photo]

2) Order pet supplies online from AHA (http://www.ahasg.com/AHA_online_store.html) and add on the calendar to deliver to your doorstep.

3) PM me your order and I’ll send it through Singpost normal or registered mail. You will need to bank transfer calendar cost + postage/polymailer cost to my account. [See attached photos for costs breakdowns].

We thank you in advance for your support!