Labour Day Appeal for Sponsors

Appeal for food and cat litter

















Click on the links below to sponsor:
1) BOSCH dry food for dogs:

2) SANABELLE dry food for cats:

5) Dogs’ Canned Food:

5) Cats’ Canned Food:

Appeal for GOLD-D canned food


Support AHA who supports a lot of caregivers, feeders, rescuers, poor elderly who live with cats, etc

Most of the cats at Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter LOVE GOLD-D canned food

Whatsapp Animal Human Alliance



E mail:

with this message:

“I would like to sponsor ___(number) of cartons of GOLD-D canned food for Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter at $25 a carton. Please advise on payment. I would like to indicate this name (give your name or your pet’s name) as sponsor:_______.(Optional) I would also like this message to shown on the photo of the delivery:_________”

Appeal for sponsor of Nature’s Gift canned food for the dogs


About 45 cartons are needed a month (this has been reduced from 60 cartons a month due to almost daily cooked food nowadays).You can sponsor just ONE carton by whatsapp

Li Hwa Cat Supplies at +65 9649 6220

or PM Tan Li Hwa

with this message
“I would like to sponsor ___(number) of cartons of NATURE’S GIFT for Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter. Please use this name as the sponsor:________. Please advise on amount and payment.”



How many kitties do you see?

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