Little Oliver的到来

He played with the leaves that stirred to life in the twirling breeze 他在旋转的微风中,嬉戏着树叶,激起生命的火花

Tired he slept under the concrete cover of a dry drain 累了睡在混凝土覆盖的干沟渠里,大树唱着他爱听的催眠曲.

And the trees sang him his favourite lullaby;
Morning came 早晨来临

He welcomed the familiar shadow 他迎接那熟悉的影子

Of the kind old lady who would pick him up very gently; 慈祥的老太太,温柔的抱起他。

Oliver would gaze into her kind eyes Oliver凝视着她慈祥的眼睛,

And he would put forth his front paws 他用前爪伸向前,

To feel her wrinkled cheeks; 触摸她那布满皱纹的脸颊,

Rain came 大雨来临

He would scurry forth 他会向前奔跑,

And stood on the edge of a rain puddle和站在水坑的边缘

Oliver gazed down and cocked his head Oliver竖起他的头和凝视着

At the friend who would always wait for him 作为一位朋友,应该总是等待他但是,

But his friend was so shy 他的朋友是那么的害羞

He would ripple away the moment Oliver put forth his paw to touch him; Oliver伸出他的爪去触动它,这时它掀起阵阵的涟漪

Time passed时间过去了

His merits bloomed on the day he met Ms Lee 他值得称赞的品质开花的这一天,他认识Ms Lee

Who brought him home她把他带回家

Into her home and into her heart. 带入她的家里和带进她的心坎。

5th April 2008: He was admitted to Pet Clinic recently and was diagnosed with a stroke.

5th April 2008. 它被诊断因中风而住进Pet Clinic.

His condition was “not good” and SY brought him back to MettaCattery this morning.


He just passed away in his home for the last 10 years, in the presence of his feline and human friends. It was a “good death”.


Oliver given Buddhist funeral rites


“When you transform your view, then you will realize that it is like watching leaves fall from the trees. When they get old and dry, they fall from the trees. And when the season comes, they begin to appear again. Would anyone cry when leaves fall, or laugh when they grow? If you did, you would be insane, wouldn’t you? It is just this much. If we can see things in this way, we will be okay. We will know that this is just the natural order of things. It doesn’t matter how many births we undergo, it will always be like this. When one studies Dhamma, gains clear knowledge and undergoes a change of world view like this, one will realize peace and be free of bewilderment about the phenomenon of this life. “ – Page 33, “Everything is Teaching Us – a collection of teachings by Ajahn Chah”

“To learn really to help those who are dying is to begin to become fearless and responsible about our own dying, and to find in ourselves the beginnings of an unbounded compassion that we may have never suspected. “ – Sogyal Rinpoche.