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On the 22nd of April 2000, Jennifer found this very handsome cat on the 2nd level of her block of flats at Bedok. She gave him some dry food and noticed ants crawling towards his body. To her horrors, he was infected wounds on his hind leg and over his tummy. The cat was very very tame and allowed his wounds to be cleaned and antibiotic powder applied. His tame nature allowed his to be put into a carrier and brought to the vet at the Animal Clinic at Telok Kurau. When asked by the receptionist for the cat’s name, Jennifer immediately said “Pat”. He was hospitalised as Jennifer couldn’t take care of him at home. The vet later told Jennifer that the wounds were caused by scalding. His wounds healed and he was neutered on 27th of April with his ear cropped. He was vaccinated on the 28th of April. As he was an abused cat, it was decided against releasing him back to Bedok where he was found. On the 2nd of May, Pat joined the animal rescue shelter, mettacattery. The medical fees were borne by Jennifer. Pat’s leg wound has now healed and his tummy wound is healing. A collar has to be placed on Pat to prevent him from licking his wound.







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Now 6 years later on 15-06-2008



22 April 2000. Jennifer在勿洛组屋二楼发现这只英俊的猫儿。发现他的身上有蚂蚁在爬,后脚和肚子的伤口受到感染。他很温驯的让人清理伤口和敷药,带到Telok Kurau 的动物诊所,Jennifer 替他取名“Pat”让他住院。兽医诊断他的伤口是被烫伤的。27 April 伤口痊愈而绝育。28 April 注射疫苗。2 May 他加入爱心猫之家。医药费全由Jennifer 付担。现在他已经完全康复。

15-06-2008 现在6岁了。