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4 Kittens Dumped in a Vegetable Basket

Photo album These 4 kittens are all boys and they are now mature enough to be sent for sterilisation soon. Sterilisation is at a special “stray cat” rate of $25 (not inclusive of GST). Please contact us if you would … Continue reading

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Sunshine poo-ed on her own last night

Sunshine was meowing constantly on Sunday night and Monday. She was in pain, likely from a lot of movement from the time she was found in the streets, bought to the vet and to SY’s home. She was unable to … Continue reading

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SY helps to care for a semi-paralysed kitten named Sunshine

This late afternoon, SY was with some cats from the cattery to consult Dr Robin Au when she sms-ed that my yoga teacher, Shamla, was there with a semi-paralysed kitten she found on the streets. Later SY sms-ed that the … Continue reading

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Please Repay the Kindness

Siew Ying showed me many cats and kittens with pitiful stories and a sure death if not taken into the cattery but with no continuing financial support for their boarding as well as vet care. There are many non-financial ways … Continue reading

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Beautiful Renee wishes for a "forever" home

Photo album

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A caregiver who first spotted this cat 6 months ago, said she was probably just abandoned then as she was hiding in a drain, shivering and frightened. She was wearing a blue collar. Today, another caregiver who first spotted her … Continue reading

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Mandarin lifestyle magazine, “Sheng Huo”

Extract from Love us, not hurt us! More than thirty years of constant culling has not really achieved much in the way of stray animal population control as it does not address the root causes TNRM, as a humane stray … Continue reading

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Background: abandoned on the top exposed level of a HDB car park, this little kitten was just skin-and-bones when discovered. She was at the brink of death from starvation and dehydration. Rescued by a care-giver, Mrs N on 13th May … Continue reading

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Background: rescued by a care-giver, Mrs N, in a HDB carpark sometime in May 2008. Estimated DOB : 1st February 2008 Vaccinated Sterilised Temperament: shy but friendly once his trust is gained. He gets along well with other cats. Photo … Continue reading

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Rescued on 04-06-2008 Gender : Neutered Male Breed : British Shorthair Age : about 1 year-old Vaccinated : 04-06-2008 (at Clinic for Pets) Photo Album Video Clips Adopted by Wendy on 13-07-2008 sms update on 23-07-2008: “Richie is ok. Eating … Continue reading

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