Rodene Sylvester : a long-time resident of MettaCattery


Sometime in early 2000:
One of 8 sickly kittens entrusted to Ms Lee by a lady who rescues and cares for cats in a charitable organisation somewhere in MacPherson, Rodene soon recovered to be a handsome little fellow.
He was given this unique by Terry because he looks like a rodent! He is now residing at Metta Cats, having a great time with the rest of the feline gang.


八只生病小猫中的其中之一,委托给位於麦波申慈善组织的一位营救和护理猫儿的女士Ms Lee。Rodene很快又恢复英俊的外貌。他的样貌像啮齿目动物。他现在居住在爱心猫之家,有很多时候与其他的猫儿在一起。如果你要资助Rodene在 猫之家的费用,请点Metta Cattery.

4th July 2000 : Neutered and vaccinated at Namly Animal Clinic

4th July 2000: 在Namly Animal Clinic注射疫苗及节育.


sms from Sharon on 23-02-2003 at 00:15hrs

“Harlow! D cats saw dr heng abt 11.30,after abt 3 hrs wait! Rodene gotta stay. He has bad punctured wound near tail. Dr kept him in to do proper cleaning of wound n put on drip because dehydrated. If ok can be discharged on monday.

23-02-2003 Sharon 简讯:

看兽医Dr Heng 等了将近三个小时!Rodene接近尾巴有被刺穿的伤口,需要详细的清理伤口及因脱水而打点滴。星期一就可出院。

sms from Sharon on 24-02-2003 at 18:03hrs

“Dr Heng just called. She said Rodene had blood in his stool. The wound is clean. Antibiotic given intravenously but he still looking down with no much appetite.”

From: Sharon

Sent: Tuesday, 25 February, 2003 5:11 PM

Subject: Rodene

juz spoke with dr heng.

1. checked his stools under the microscope 3 times but nothing eventful or in particular.

2. he’s by & large responsive when being stroked

3. multi-vitmamins given via drip to boost his immune system

4. his gums is ok

she’s worried:-

1. slow-effecting poison he’s consumed (by way of licking foreign objects) but dr heng noted that he’s not pale & not having any fever also

2. viral – ie, fip or fiv. she asked if we keen to do any viral tests … i told her no, bec it wont make a diff be it treatment …

she suggest the following:-

1. allow her to run some blood test to check his kidneys, liver & lungs, & also if he’s diabetic

they’re currently force-feeding him with a/d diet but consumption is limited.

2003年2月25日, 刚与Dr Heng交谈。

4. 他的牙床还好。


1.他服用慢性毒药,(舔自身体以外的物体)但是Dr Heng 留意到他没有发烧和不虚弱。

2.病毒- 即fip 或fiv,她问是否要作病毒测试。。我告诉她不需要,这对治疗没有帮助。




24-02-2003 Sharon 简讯:
“Dr Heng来电,说Rodene的粪便有血,伤口已经复原。给他服食维生素但是还是无精打彩,食欲不振”。

1st March 2003: Salie picked up Rodene to bring him “home” to MettaCattery. He is back to his usual self.

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16th March 2002

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29th June 2008


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2003年3月1日:Salie带Rodene回“家”爱心猫之家。他回到原来的生活。时间流逝,现在已经是29th June 2008。