Acts of Loving Kindness – 9 January 2005


Siew Ying with T3, whose leg had to be amputated.

Mission: Primarily a halfway house for injured and abused strays or those recuperating from sterilisation operations. Metta means loving kindness in the Pali language.

In the beginning: Unimpressed by how the SPCA deals with stray animals, Ms Lee Siew Ying, 52, decided to open her own animal sanctuary five years ago.

I found a cat and three kittens that were less than a week old and the SPCA said they had to be put down because it didn’t have space for them,’ says the clinic billings administrator, who is married and lives in Queenstown.

Flock: MettaCats is looking after 120 cats and 13 dogs. Two of them are the shih tzus which were found infested with maggots at a breeder’s farm in Pasir Ris in December. The matter was reported in the media. Ms Lee says the dogs are recovering.

Cattery: A 60 sq m animal farm in Pasir Ris.

Manpower cost: It has 15 regular volunteers. Ms Lee’s 22-year-old son helps to ferry the cats to the vet.

The farm requires about $3,800 a month to run, excluding medical bills. As the cattery is not a registered society, it can only receive donations in kind.

Soundbite: If I have $10, $8 will go to my cats and $2 will go to my lunch. If there’s a will, there’s always a way. I’ll tell the vet to do what he can for the animal, and if need be, I’ll go online to ask for help with the bill,’ says Ms Lee.

Poster pet: T3, a 10-month-old cat brought to the cattery last year. Doctors had to amputate one of his injured legs.