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Sometime in early 2000:

One of 8 sickly kittens entrusted to Ms Lee by a lady who rescues and cares for cats in a charitable organisation somewhere in MacPherson, Rodene soon recovered to be a handsome little fellow.

He was given this unique by Terry because he looks like a rodent! He is now residing at MettaCats, having a great time with the rest of the feline gang.

16th March 2002

29th June 2008


SY brought Rodene and another long-time resident, Sebastian, home to provide intensive care as they were unwell.

8m sms from SY: “Rodene died this early morning. I got up at 5am and found him sleeping besides Terry (SY’s son). Rodene was leaning on Terry’s back no more breathing but his body was still warm, probably from Terry’s body heat. I am glad I brought him home. Sebastian is ok now. Eating on his own.

One thing good about Terry is that he allowed Rodene to share his bed even though Rodene drooled and smelled.”

Sent:Wednesday, August 06, 2008 8:55 PM
Subject: rodene died 🙁

Just read that Rodene from MC died….
He was one of my fav cats from MC….
Glad he left peacefully… had many more photos of him.. but lost some over the years when pc crashed



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