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Metta Meditation with a Kitten

Extract “Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond” (A Meditator’s Handbook) by Ajahn Brahm
Front Cover
Page 66
“I prepare myself for metta meditation by grounding my mindfulness in the present moment, establishing stage one of the meditation method described in chapter 1. Then I initiate metta meditation by imagining a little kitten. I like cats, especially kittens, so my imaginary kitten is to loving-kindness as gas is to a flame. I only need to think of my little kitten and my heart lights up with metta. I continue to visualize my imaginary friend, picturing it as abandoned, hungry, and very afraid. In its short span of life it has only known rejection, violence, and loneliness. I imagine its bones sticking out from its emaciated body, its fur soiled with grime and some blood, and its body rigid with terror. I consider that if I don’t care for this vulnerable little being then no one will, and it will die such a horrible, lonely, terrified death. I feel that kitten’s pain fully, in all its forms, and my heart opens up releasing a flood of compassion. I will care for that little kitten. I will protect it and feed it. I imagine myself looking deeply into its anxious eyes, trying to melt its apprehension with the metta flowing through my own eyes.I reach out to it slowly, reassuring, never losing eye contact. Gently, I pick up that little kitten and bring it to my chest. I remove the kitten’s cold with the warmth from my own body, I take away its fear with the softness of my embrace, and I feel the kitten’s trust grow. I speak to the kitten on my chest: “Little being, never feel alone again. Never feel so afraid. I will always look after you, be your protector and friend. I love you, little kitten. Wherever you go, whatever you do, my heart will always welcome you. I give you my limitless loving-kindness always. ” I feel my kitten become warm, relax, and finally purr.

Behind the Scenes at MettaCats….

A handful of volunteers clean the cattery, feed the cats and dogs, provide medication, provide loving tenderness

Siew Ying dropping by, sometimes several times a day, to see if cats and dogs are all right, to medicate and to do dressing of wounds.

Staying late in the night, sometimes with his son, to care for cats and dogs that are unwell, to provide medication, to provide comfort.

Sending cats and dogs to the vet for sterilisation and for illnesses.

Answering calls for help.

Taking stock of food and other usables and ordering.

Getting repair people now and then as the cattery is now 10 years’ old.

Accepting that some people who brought in cats or dogs, “conveniently” forget to pay boarding fees.

Dealing with people who are critical when asked to pay boarding fee amounting to just a fraction of private boarding facilities.

Dealing with nasty neighbours who are no better than hooligans churning out dogs from dog mills.

Kuro, Tora, Tabee & Shi-Shio

4 kittens abandoned behind a provision shop on 14-09-2008 (Sunday). Rescued by Mrs Neo.
Tora (ginger-boy) and Kuro (black boy) 17092008
Tora and Kuro (both boys)

Tabee and Shi-Shio 17092008
Tabee and Shi-Shio (both girls)

Kuro (boy)

Tora (boy)

Tabee (girl)

Shi-Shio (girl)

Estimated date of birth: 03-08-2008

Likely victims of pre-festive abandonment.

Update on Sui-Sui, renamed Socks

Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 10:08 PM

She’s doing great, getting rather fat i must say. Very very greedy and vocal. But very likable cat. i haven downloaded my pictures but once i do i can send you some pictures of her.

Only problem is she is very scared and hostile towards other animals, which is something i wanted to seek your advice actually.

We’re expecting a puppy in December, a fren of mine will be shipping us her puppy from Australia. It’ll be a fox terrier pup, about 3 months old.

Socks’s behaviour towards animals is that she’ll hiss very loudly, look as though she wants to attack the animal, but then turns tail and runs away to hide.

Can you advise if a mature cat like socks can be taught to make frenz with a young pup? I’m concerned for both. I dun want the pup to get badly scratched everytime it goes near the cat, neither do i want socks to keep hiding and living in fear.

Actually i dun need them to be frenz, I just hope to get them to live quietly side by side without provoking each other. That was how my previous cat and dog lived. They didn’t like each other but neither did they fight.

Appreciate any advice. 🙂


dog with kittens

Introducing Dogs (or Puppies) Into Homes With Cats

Update on Bob

sms from SY: “Bob ok to touch so today will take out the balance of the stitches. Gave him oral Flagyl and powdered the wounds. So many spots on teh arm. I expressed the pus and now they look dry. Neck wound also drying.”

Photo taken on 11-08-2008

Please help the Metta Cattery if you can


I made a visit to the Metta Cattery on Sunday, it has been 6 long years since my last trip there. It was good to catch up with Siew Ying, who, despite all the challenges and difficulties she face, maintained an optimistic and cheerful outlook.

Some of the cats there are down with cat flu due to the wet weather, but otherwise they look happy and contented. And safe from human harm.

Look at my sexy eyes … mesmerising, no?
Quiet but sweet charmer.

Friendly girl who shakes visitors’ hand. Honorary mascot of the cattery 🙂
Sweet dreams, no doubt, Mr Drooler 😛
He’s larger than a toy dog!
Dreamer snoozing away despite other kitties stepping all over him/her.

Please help the Metta Cattery if you can – every effort counts. They need pet food, medication, scratching posts, old towels …. Of course, if you’re like me (ie “lazy”) you can donate money to help fund the running of the cattery.