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12.54pm,秀燕简讯: “现在他可以站立了,伤口也复原的很好。必须再住院一个星期,因为害怕蒼蝇,暫时不能回去猫之家。” 更新:2 November 2.55pm秀燕简讯:Wolf已经出院,我还需要每天为他刚复原的伤口清洗两次。。 昨晚,一些学生在Serangoon Avenue大牌4号的组屋楼下,发现被丢弃的五只四个星期大的小猫和母猫。根据那里的居民反映,它们在那里已经几天了,但是从昨天起,母猫就一直躺着。 昨晚,我把它们全带回家,喂药给正在发高烧的母猫。今早,她开始进食了”。。。 秀燕为母猫取名叫Caroline.

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Update on Wolf and latest rescues

12.54pm, sms from Siew Ying: “Now he can stand on his four’s. The wound is healing ok. Still have to stay another week. Cannot bring him back to the cattery yet. Worry about flies. Last night, some students found 5 … Continue reading

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Manjuu Watching TV

Manjuu in a foster-home. Will you give Manjuu a home?

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5.20pm秀燕简讯: “一位90岁的老人请求帮助,因为没有能力照顾两只15岁的波斯猫。将会把它们带过来,终究还能生存多久。 下星期它们将会住进来,并会下载照片。希望能有善心人提供给它们一个家。 同时欢迎资助它们的住宿费,任何的数目都可以减轻爱心猫之家的经济负担。

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Old man of 90 unable to care for two 15-year-old Persians

An old man of about 90 has 2 15 year old Persian cats of about. He is no longer able to care for them and is asking for help. We will take them in. After all, how long more can … Continue reading

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呼吁给予帮助名叫Wolf, 遭遗弃的爱斯基摩犬。

7.30pm 收到秀燕简讯呼吁 昨天,我们的爱斯基摩犬,Wolf 因为睾丸严重感染而住进Allpets (Allpets & Aqualife Ptes Pte Ltd, 219 Jalan Kayu #01-01, Singapore 799442, Ph:6481 3700)。大约5年前,他大概是被主人扔在Jurong Kechil 和Bukit Timah Road 的交界处。当我们发现时,他的臀部已经有问题。由於他时常坐着,所以义工们都没有发现其伤口。**嗨**。问题总是没有完结。 如果你愿意资助Wolf,任何数目的医药费,详情情形请电邮至 p.s. 因为心脏问题所以没有节育。 8pm: 秀燕更新:“Dr Lim 觉得Wolf有心脏问题不能麻醉,提议让他服食止痛药,并清洗伤口和远离有苍蝇的地方,所以需要住院。” Wolf若会说话,他将会向所有帮忙秀燕减轻经济负担的善心人,和这五年来照顾他的义工们,表达他衷心的感激。

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MMS of Wolf’s wound

8pm: update from Siew Ying: “Dr Lim felt that due to the heart problem, Wolf cannot be put under anaesthesia. He suggested to give pain-killer and flush the wound and keep away from flies. So he needs to be hospitalised … Continue reading

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Appeal to help an abandoned husky called Wolf

Sms-appeal from Siew Ying “Our husky, Wolf was admitted to Allpets (Allpets & Aqualife Vets Pte Ltd, 219, Jalan Kayu, #01-01, Singapore 799442; Ph : 6481 3700) the day before. He testicles were badly infected. He has hip problems since … Continue reading

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Update from adopter, Melissa

“Hi Siew Ying. This is Melissa. Just took the kitten (tri-colour) to the vet todayfor injections. We named her Pickles. She is getting along well with the others.”

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Update from guardian of Richie

Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 12:36 PM Subject: richie’s photos also cc Siew Ying, Thank you for letting me adopting richie. he is now doing very well at my place. we nicknamed him “fei chu” due to big tummy. eats … Continue reading

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