12.54pm, sms from Siew Ying:
“Now he can stand on his four’s. The wound is healing ok. Still have to stay another week. Cannot bring him back to the cattery yet. Worry about flies.

Last night, some students found 5 kittens about 4-weeks’ old and mother dumped at a void deck. of Block 4** Serangoon Avenue. They said they were there for a few days already, according to residents there but yesterday the mummy cat kept lying on her side.

I went down last night. Mummy cat has very high fever. Brought all of them home.
Given her medication this morning. She started to eat.”


Siew Ying named the mummy cat Caroline.

Please contact us if you would like to adopt any of the kittens, when they are weaned, or Caroline, or help to lighten the financial burden on Mettacats by sponsoring food, vet fees, or boarding.