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Manjuu likes Nikki

Manjuu’s Adoption Page

Nikki, the black kitten, was recently rescued by Carol as she was running about in a human-heavy traffic area and risked being trampled on.

3.48pm, sms from SY
“Manjuu likes Nikki. She’s very good with other kittens too.
Engine is a girl. She’s ok with Terry now but very very active. Street smart 🙂 “

31st December 2008: Nikki has been adopted.


昨天,一位女士在Sengkang 和Upper Serangoon 交界处的工地, 发现这只小猫. 他受伤和拖着两只后脚. 现在,小猫住进猫之家.今晨, 秀燕将会带它去兽医诊所治疗. 预测医药费将会很昂贵.
秀燕为这只小猫取名Jiu-Jiu. (Jiu Jiu 日语是十的意思) 他的后脚不能移动, 膀胱肿胀, 用四只脚走路的机率很低. 他看来还很有活力和能吃罐头食物.

目前,Jiu Jiu 在家护理,他需求躺在海绵床垫上,防止因为压力引起疼痛. 又无法自己小便, 因此需要用手挤压使小便排出. 如果你愿望减轻护理者的经济负担,可帮忙资助任何数目的医药费(可将画线支票寄给为Jiu-Jui治疗的诊所。)  . 希望能有足够的资金,让Jiu-Jiu接受Dr Oh Soon Hock 的针灸治疗。

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

尽管使用oral antibiotic来治疗,Jiu-Jiu的粪便还是有血。下午将带他去Allpets & Aqualife Pets诊治。

Saturday, January 31, 2009

30-01-2009, 11.37am, 秀燕的简讯:Jiu-Jiu 已经痊愈了,而且移动的很快。小名叫Vespa de Scooter。


Saturday, December 20, 2008 7:22 PM

如你所料, Nana很活跃,友善和可爱。时常与我的儿子同床而睡。他的粪便还是松软,所以我以他很喜爱的蒸白鱼肉取代的猫粮。有时, 还在不适当的地方排泄。今天,他的体重由860g增加到1.38KG! 并已经能和其他的猫和睦相处。请放心, 我们会很用心的照顾与避免意外事故的发生。你可以随时来探访他。於此附上一些他的照片,希望你会喜欢。

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 9:42 AM

昨天,我带Nana 注射疫苗. 但是,他看来很疲倦和安静的睡在床上.

Thursday, January 15, 2009 9:32 AM

Nana已经复原. 现在恢复食欲和很活泼. 没有腹泻.
根据兽医推测, Nana四个月大..
三月份, 我将会带他去节育.



My workout at the gym was interrupted halfway by someone who said he saw a kitten fleeing from under one car to another.

At the car park, the driver of one car said he saw a kitten running from under his car to anther parked a few lots away. He said the kitten was in the axle area of the front of the car.

I went onto the ground and saw the kitten licking itself. I stretched my hand in and it ran further inside.

Fortunately the driver of this car walked out from the fitness centre. He got into his car and rotate the front wheels. The kitten stayed in the middle, out of reach. He then offered an umbrella that I used to gently poke at the kitten, hoping to get it out from the side of the car. It went upwards instead. The bonnet was then lifted up and the first driver shouted that he saw the kitten. It was just just behind the combustion. I stretched my hand in and grabbed it by the neck. It hissed as I pulled it out and put it into my cat-feeding-bag.

The kitten has a coat of ash-grey/white/calico and likely a girl.

Looks about 3-month-young.

I decided to call her…what else…ENGINE!

Photo album



Update on Nana

Saturday, December 20, 2008 7:22 PM

Hi, Mrs Lee

How are you?

As you hope, Nana is very nice and fabulous to us.

Although he still have soft stool and bad habit at wrong toilet sometime, he is very cute, and increased his weight to 1.38 kg today!!

17days ago , it was 860g..

He is getting along with other cats these days.

and I’m very careful to accident…

So don’t worry about him,.

visit us any time you want to see him.

We stay here X’mas season and New year.

wish merry christmas!

Hiroko & Sean





Story of Mei-Hua

4th April 2008: A black kitten of about 2-3 month-old, skinny, hungry, thirsty and painfully raw anus caused of small thready worm infestation! Looked like a girl and so she was named Mei-Hua meaning Beautiful-Flower.

Photo album

She is now fostered by Siew Ying who sms-ed this at 1.15pm
“She is super manja. Just dewormed her. She has fur mites too. Must be from M….. She’s lucky to be picked up by you, otherwise in 4 to 6 months’ time will start multiplying.”

05-04-2008, 9.53am, sms from SY: “Morning, just to let you know that Mei-Hua’s backside has a few punctured wound. Those you saw were maggots. I took out 30+ from there and some stuck to the anus. This morning she seems to be more settled.”

06-04-2008, 11.32am, sms from SY: “Mei-Hua’s wound all dried up. She loves soaked kibbles.”

7 April, 2008:Update on Mei-Hua: 07-06-2008, 8.05pm, sms from SY: “Mei-Hua got godma leow. The black mummy at that I rescued 3 months ago, help to clean up Mei-Hua. Her wound already dried up. Loves to eat soaked APD kibbles. Her motion a little pasty today probably due to the deworming suspension.”

15 April, 2008: 10.19am, sms from SY: “Just to let you know that Mei-Hua was down with very high fever on Sunday. I brought her to see Robin Au. Lower respiratory tract infection.

28 April, 2008: sms from SY : “Just to update you that Mei-Hua still has pus from the anus. I brought her to Robin Au yesterday to flush out the discharge. She was given an injection and another course of antibiotic. I think she can’t see very well. Today she’s much better, at least can walk straight.
Yesterday we have to do stock check, so I brought her to the office. When she got home, she quickly ran to Terry (SY’s son) to let him sayang.”

5 May, 2008: Mei-Hua’s backside is drying up. She’s very playful now. She’s joining the noisy bunch to meow loudly for food.”

: sms from SY on 11-05-2008 9.30pm : “Mei-Hua knows her name. She will come if I call her. The moment you pick her up, she will start purring. Very lady-like but lately meows very loudly when she hears we open the canned food!”

Me-Hua today!

Update from adopter on Nana

Sent:Saturday, December 06, 2008 3:09 PM



Nana is very active, and friendly, and lovely.

He is always sleeping with my son on the same bed.

Since he still has soft stool, I am giving him steamed white fish fillet instead of cat food. and He loves it so much.

He increased his weight from 860g (wed) to 940g today!!

My cats are getting used to be with him now as well as Nana.

I attach some photo of him, and I hope you like it.

I will keep in touch with you.

Take care of yourself!


Please Help this Kitten Who Was Rescued from Sengkang


Yesterday, a lady found this kitten at a work site at Sengkang and Upper Serangoon junction. He was injured and dragging both hind legs.

The kitten is now at the cattery and Siew Ying will send him to the vet clinic this morning.

A hefty vet bill is expected.

Contact us if you would like to help lighten the financial burden by sponsoring any amount of the vet bills (in a cheque made out to the vet clinic where the kitten is likely to be admitted.)

7.35pm, sms update from Siew Ying, “We named that black kitten, Jiu-Jiu. Saw the vet. His hind legs totally not able to move. Cannot urinate. Bladder all bloated – needs to express daily. Chances of walking on fours very slim. He still looks bright and able to eat wet food. Given a course of antibiotic and steroid.