My workout at the gym was interrupted halfway by someone who said he saw a kitten fleeing from under one car to another.

At the car park, the driver of one car said he saw a kitten running from under his car to anther parked a few lots away. He said the kitten was in the axle area of the front of the car.

I went onto the ground and saw the kitten licking itself. I stretched my hand in and it ran further inside.

Fortunately the driver of this car walked out from the fitness centre. He got into his car and rotate the front wheels. The kitten stayed in the middle, out of reach. He then offered an umbrella that I used to gently poke at the kitten, hoping to get it out from the side of the car. It went upwards instead. The bonnet was then lifted up and the first driver shouted that he saw the kitten. It was just just behind the combustion. I stretched my hand in and grabbed it by the neck. It hissed as I pulled it out and put it into my cat-feeding-bag.

The kitten has a coat of ash-grey/white/calico and likely a girl.

Looks about 3-month-young.

I decided to call her…what else…ENGINE!

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