Yesterday, a lady found this kitten at a work site at Sengkang and Upper Serangoon junction. He was injured and dragging both hind legs.

The kitten is now at the cattery and Siew Ying will send him to the vet clinic this morning.

A hefty vet bill is expected.

Contact us if you would like to help lighten the financial burden by sponsoring any amount of the vet bills (in a cheque made out to the vet clinic where the kitten is likely to be admitted.)

7.35pm, sms update from Siew Ying, “We named that black kitten, Jiu-Jiu. Saw the vet. His hind legs totally not able to move. Cannot urinate. Bladder all bloated – needs to express daily. Chances of walking on fours very slim. He still looks bright and able to eat wet food. Given a course of antibiotic and steroid.