4th April 2008: A black kitten of about 2-3 month-old, skinny, hungry, thirsty and painfully raw anus caused of small thready worm infestation! Looked like a girl and so she was named Mei-Hua meaning Beautiful-Flower.

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She is now fostered by Siew Ying who sms-ed this at 1.15pm
“She is super manja. Just dewormed her. She has fur mites too. Must be from M….. She’s lucky to be picked up by you, otherwise in 4 to 6 months’ time will start multiplying.”

05-04-2008, 9.53am, sms from SY: “Morning, just to let you know that Mei-Hua’s backside has a few punctured wound. Those you saw were maggots. I took out 30+ from there and some stuck to the anus. This morning she seems to be more settled.”

06-04-2008, 11.32am, sms from SY: “Mei-Hua’s wound all dried up. She loves soaked kibbles.”

7 April, 2008:Update on Mei-Hua: 07-06-2008, 8.05pm, sms from SY: “Mei-Hua got godma leow. The black mummy at that I rescued 3 months ago, help to clean up Mei-Hua. Her wound already dried up. Loves to eat soaked APD kibbles. Her motion a little pasty today probably due to the deworming suspension.”

15 April, 2008: 10.19am, sms from SY: “Just to let you know that Mei-Hua was down with very high fever on Sunday. I brought her to see Robin Au. Lower respiratory tract infection.

28 April, 2008: sms from SY : “Just to update you that Mei-Hua still has pus from the anus. I brought her to Robin Au yesterday to flush out the discharge. She was given an injection and another course of antibiotic. I think she can’t see very well. Today she’s much better, at least can walk straight.
Yesterday we have to do stock check, so I brought her to the office. When she got home, she quickly ran to Terry (SY’s son) to let him sayang.”

5 May, 2008: Mei-Hua’s backside is drying up. She’s very playful now. She’s joining the noisy bunch to meow loudly for food.”

: sms from SY on 11-05-2008 9.30pm : “Mei-Hua knows her name. She will come if I call her. The moment you pick her up, she will start purring. Very lady-like but lately meows very loudly when she hears we open the canned food!”

Me-Hua today!