Read Black kitties need love too

Lovely story of a rescued black cat called Midnight.

Background: Abandoned, this little kitty was hounded by established community cats, and so he hid amongst the debris of a construction area. He was at great risk of being crushed to death.
13-01-2009, 7.15pm: He was noticed by a caregiver last evening and brought to the vet for neutering the next day.

However he is too young and so the neutering is postponed. He is now safe in the refuge of mettacats.


14-01-2009, 2.28pm: sms from SY “Prada is sleeping nicely. He is confined in a 3-tier cage.”

14-01-2009, 2.33pm: sms from Carol “Oh baby Prada sounds asleep. Must be nice to be able to sleep in peace without fearing any cats coming after him or all that construction noise, men and dangerous equipment. ”

15-01-2009, update from SY, “Prada is super-manja and he purring all the time he is being held. He is already using the litter-bin.”

Photo album

DOB (estimated) 18-08-2008

Gender: Male

Temperament: Very affectionate and trusting

Vaccinated: 14-01-2009 (Clinic for Pets)

Remarks: He has a straight long tail.