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Latest Photo of Nana Nana 的近照

From: HirokoTo: ms leeSent: Friday, February 27, 2009 8:23 PMSubject: latest Photo of Nana Hi,Ms Lee,How are you?Nana is growing up to more than 3Kg.still playful and active.I took him to Vet today for steralization.He is OK so far. Just … Continue reading

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Someone broke into the cattery 3 nights in a row last week, causing much damages to property and a dog was likely abused 有人於上星期连续三晚闯进猫之家,造成破坏和狗儿好像被虐待

Last week, for 3 nights in a row, someone or some people broke into the cattery after some volunteers left at close to midnight, damaging a lot of things. It was likely an intentional sobatage. There is plan to construct … Continue reading

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From: Philip Garber To: MettaCats Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009 10:18 AM Subject: Mei-Hua Dear Mettacats, 数月前,我听到有关美花这只小猫的故事,很伤心和感动。如果我在星加玻,将会收养她。 今天看到照片,我很开心知道她生活的安好。 听到她在录像中的叫声,是否正常,或者是虚弱和饥饿的呼喊? 感恩你们为社区猫的伟大奉献。 Best, P. Mei Hua 美花的故事 4th April 2008: 拯救一只大约2-3个月,瘦小,饥渴和因为肛门长满蠕虫而痛苦的黑色小猫。 看来好像是雌性猫,所以取名美花,意思是美丽的花朵.. 去除了肚里的虫,但是她的尾部的伤口有蛆虫,共取出了30条,还有一些粘贴在肛门。曾因为呼吸道发炎而发高烧,由Robin Au为她注射药剂, 并清洗其肛门的脓,和须要服食消炎药。 美花有一位干妈,是我於3个月前拯救的一只黑猫,她帮忙清理美花。她的尾部已经复原喜欢吃浸泡的APD kibbles。 她很温驯和好玩,参与那吵闹的一群,大声的讨食。 美花知道自己的名字,叫唤她时便会回应,当抱起她时,就会发出呼声。现在也较像淑女,但是当听到我们打开罐头食物时就会大声的大叫喊。”

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Email about Mei-Hua

From: Philip Garber To: Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009 10:18 AM Subject: Mei-Hua Dear Mettacats, I heard about Mei-Hua some months ago and I was very sad and moved about this little cat. If I were in Singapore I … Continue reading

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Breed: Russian-Blue-X Gender: neutered male DOB: 28-01-2008 Temperament: Adorably trusting and affectionate FiV and FELV tested negative at Allpets & Aqualife Pets Pte Ltd (February 2009) Photo album Video clips on vimeo Video clips on youtube 27-09-2009, 20.58hrs: sms from … Continue reading

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3 Five-Week Kittens Need Homes

Someone passed them to us about 2 weeks ago. They followed a lady who was walking her dog around Bartley area. They were almost sent to the SPCA. Baby Ana Baby Chai-Chai Boh-Ngiow Appeal for 1) Sponsoring of their care … Continue reading

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Photo album Video clips on youtube Video clips on vimeo Gender: Calico female DOB: 08-08-2008 Vaccination: 07-02-2009 (Animals Doctors) Neuter: 12-03-2009 at Joyous Clinic Temperament: absolutely trusting

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9 Teenage Cats Rescued

The construction site (somewhere in Sengkang) where Jiu-Jiu was found with a broken back, is now vacant. The workers and the temporary structures are all gone. 9 teenage cats that were once fed by these workers were left defenceless, with … Continue reading

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