Breed: Russian-Blue-X
Gender: neutered male
DOB: 28-01-2008
Temperament: Adorably trusting and affectionate

FiV and FELV tested negative at Allpets & Aqualife Pets Pte Ltd (February 2009)

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27-09-2009, 20.58hrs: sms from SY
“Beru settled down quite easily. I have a hooded poo bin, “Taste of the Wild” kibbles and pine litter. Tomorrow night I will go and help her mesh up the grills in the room. Very pleasant lady.”

28-09-2009, email from Seraphina



4th October 2009: Adopter will be returning BeRu because “I don’t think I can care for BeRu anymore, with the responsibility and time consumption. I don’t think I can do a good job, especially when he’s not well and this is my first cat. Sorry for the inconvenience but BeRu deserves a better home. I’ve grown to love BeRu, even through his short stay, but I think this is the best way.”

5th October 2009, 10:02, sms from SY
“BeRu’s hind foot has an abscess. He is very moody, probably is painful. Given him antibiotic and a painkiller. He doesn’t allow to touch. Seraphina told me that she noticed him limping.”