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Sunday, 27 September, 2009 10:58 PM

Re: Mulan-Urgent

First of all thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it.
Mulan is slightly better. Still limping and fever on and off. The vet kindly called me today to inform me that he did some research and she could have a virus which affect joints and give fever. It takes up to two weeks for the kitten to recover. So let’s pray that it is what she gets and recovers anytime soon.
Thanks also to the care and dedication of Siew Ying who not only called us last night but came around today with Vitamins B and plenty of precious advices. She is just so amazing and touch everyone’s heart with her sincere love for cats and dogs.
Thanks again to everyone at Metta for your precious help.
God Bless you all


Agnes Meurzec For those who cared for Mulan and particularly Siew Ying: I took Mulan today to vet for vaccination and she was totally impressed about how ealthy and happy she looks. Whats adorable is her face and neck have not change or grew but her stomach is very round, so heavy that when she wants to climb she often falls because her backside is not following ha ha ha
So I am happy to say that Mulan is loved and well taken care.

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Photo of Sunkist taken on 8th August 2009

From SY,
“Sometime early July, a female kitten was sent to the SPCA by a lady called Julia from Blk 4** AMK.

While Julia was at the counter, surrending the kitten, she realised that there were notices displayed at the reception area that stated that animals brought to the SPCA may be put down within 24 hours .

On second thoughts, she took a cab and brought the kitten home.

Thereafter Julia contacted me and told me the whole incident. I agreed to collect the kitten from her that night.

The kitten was very defensive and kept hissing so Julia used a Sunkist fruit box to “cage” her in. That’s why I named her Sunkist 🙂

That night I left the office after midnight, after dropping off my colleagues, and got to AMK just passed midnight. Sunkist was about 3-month-old then.

I asked Julia to pay for the vaccination and sterilisation. She did.

Sunkist is the one cleaning Jiu-Jiu‘s ears and face every now and then :)”

Estimated DOB: 28-04-2009

Special feature: Straight long tail

Temperament: Super friendly with human and cats

Uses litter-bin

Photo Shoot of Metta Cats for a Japanese TV Program

19-09-2009, 10:12, sms from Siew Ying, “A lady called that she was doing some shots for animals for a Japanese film production company like the Animal Planet kind of program. She wanted some pictures of our cats. I will send the “D” kitten and Sunkist. She wanted a black cat, so Prada will be there too. Will bring Otto and Twiggy. The shoot will be on Tuesday.


Background: Rescued from Toh Tuck area

Gender: female

Special characteristics: pure white

Estimated DOB: 08-06-2009

Uses litter-bin


Photo album

Video clips on vimeo

Background: likely another victim of “pre-festive abandoned syndrome”
Found hungry and skinny in a HBD estate on 13-09-2009

Gender: female

Estimated DOB: 28-03-2009

Neutered and vaccinated.


16-09-2009, sms from fosterer at 8.12am
“Suki has very nice markings on her the chest. She’s very smart now. Can use the poo bin. I taught her to leap onto the 3rd leve of the cage and she learnt so fast. She loves the soft carrier that is now the 2nd level.”

06-10-2009, sms from SY at 13:24,

“Suki, pretending to sleep coz Terry scolded her for tearing the loaf of bread which he left on the table 🙂
She is definitely dumped by human. She loves to eat human food scraps.”

07-10-2009, sms from SY at 12:52

“She’s so beautiful. She loves to model for Terry to take pictures :)”

11th October 2009

Suki’s favourite napping corner

17th March 2010: Suki loves durian dessert!


Photo album

Background: “Victim” of “pre-festive abandonment syndrome

Special features: a tabby boy who is very confident and trusting with human and cats!

Estimated DOB: 09-03-2009

Neutering: 10-09-2009 (AAVC)

Vaccination: 10-09-2009


20-02-2010: camera-shy

Photo album

Background: Another “victim” of “pre-festive abandonment syndrome”

Special features: Tortoise-shell or Tricoloured female

Estimated date of birth: 09-01-2009

Neutering: 10-09-2009 (AAVC)

Vaccination: 10-09-2009 (AAVC)

Temperament: Docile despite the fright of being just abandoned


Video clips on youtube

Video clips on vimeo

Photo and video album

She was named after Hua Mulan

Gender: female

Temperament: fearlessly trusting

Estimated DOB: 08-06-2009

Vaccination: pending

16-09-2009, 3.50pm, mms from SY,

“Mulan with new owners”

Mulan’s new friend, Champagne, who is friendly to all cats!

Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:11 PM
Subject: Agnes Meurzec made a comment about your photo album.

Agnes made a comment about your photo album “Mulan for Adoption”:

“Yes Mulan has a new “home sweet home”. She has 3 big brothers and 2 big sister plus a nice doggy to play with. She will be loved and loved and loved…..
I was also happy to meet the owner of Metta Cats. She is a lovely lady and needs all our support to help her in her blessed tasks of protecting our abandoned cats. She is an angel and deserve all the necessary support.
Cheers…. have to go play with Mulan ha ha ha”

“She will keep her name as we love it. She is quite confident and making herself at home. The others are not too sure what to think about this little one. As for Champagne dog he wants to kiss her and lick her which is not to her taste ha ha ha”

To see the comment thread, follow the link below:

Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:32 PM
Agnes made a comment about your photo album “Mulan for Adoption”:

“Mulan spent her first night glued to my daughter. She clearly has a taste
for nice warm confortable bed ha ha ha however her other cat is not too
happy as she had to give up her bed. Well soon hopefully they will share the
bed and cuddles….”