A mother-cat and 5 kittens appeared suddenly in a colony of neutered cats. They are likely victims of abandonment, coinciding with a coming festivity (“pre-festive abandonment syndrome”).

They hid on the dirty floor under the a coffee-shop’s gas tank storages.

On the 2nd of September 2009, a rescue-mission, 4 kittens were nabbed. The mother-cat ran off with the 5th kitten in her mouth.

The care-givers will be watching out for the mother-cat and the last kitten to “prime” them for trapping soon.

The 4 kittens are now under the care of SY who sms-ed
“They are about 2.5 months’ old. Can eat kibbles. Will deworm them tonight. Over-all, their coat all very clean. Must have been thrown out from a home. Normally at this age, strays will almost be certainly full of fleas. They have already learnt to use the litter-bin.”

Dahlia (siamese-x girl)

Daisy (siamese-x girl)

Daphne (tabby girl)

Denise (tabby girl)

18-09-2009, 17:31, Update from SY: “Denise sprained her left foreleg. The other 3 play rough. Denise is trying to show us that her left front leg injured 🙂

19-09-2009, 9:42, sms from SY
“Denise’ front legs very painful. She’s showing us. Yesterday, she held up her left front leg. This morning, she held up her right front leg. Terry said she “kay siow”, just wanted us to carry 🙂
Now we her out of the cage. She sleeps on the sofa bed.”