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She was named after Hua Mulan

Gender: female

Temperament: fearlessly trusting

Estimated DOB: 08-06-2009

Vaccination: pending

16-09-2009, 3.50pm, mms from SY,

“Mulan with new owners”

Mulan’s new friend, Champagne, who is friendly to all cats!

Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:11 PM
Subject: Agnes Meurzec made a comment about your photo album.

Agnes made a comment about your photo album “Mulan for Adoption”:

“Yes Mulan has a new “home sweet home”. She has 3 big brothers and 2 big sister plus a nice doggy to play with. She will be loved and loved and loved…..
I was also happy to meet the owner of Metta Cats. She is a lovely lady and needs all our support to help her in her blessed tasks of protecting our abandoned cats. She is an angel and deserve all the necessary support.
Cheers…. have to go play with Mulan ha ha ha”

“She will keep her name as we love it. She is quite confident and making herself at home. The others are not too sure what to think about this little one. As for Champagne dog he wants to kiss her and lick her which is not to her taste ha ha ha”

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Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:32 PM
Agnes made a comment about your photo album “Mulan for Adoption”:

“Mulan spent her first night glued to my daughter. She clearly has a taste
for nice warm confortable bed ha ha ha however her other cat is not too
happy as she had to give up her bed. Well soon hopefully they will share the
bed and cuddles….”