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Background: likely another victim of “pre-festive abandoned syndrome”
Found hungry and skinny in a HBD estate on 13-09-2009

Gender: female

Estimated DOB: 28-03-2009

Neutered and vaccinated.


16-09-2009, sms from fosterer at 8.12am
“Suki has very nice markings on her the chest. She’s very smart now. Can use the poo bin. I taught her to leap onto the 3rd leve of the cage and she learnt so fast. She loves the soft carrier that is now the 2nd level.”

06-10-2009, sms from SY at 13:24,

“Suki, pretending to sleep coz Terry scolded her for tearing the loaf of bread which he left on the table 🙂
She is definitely dumped by human. She loves to eat human food scraps.”

07-10-2009, sms from SY at 12:52

“She’s so beautiful. She loves to model for Terry to take pictures :)”

11th October 2009

Suki’s favourite napping corner

17th March 2010: Suki loves durian dessert!