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Rosy -J

Rosy-J and her sister were rescued by Joan from under a vehicle’s tyre in Outram Park.A large piece of skin was ripped off from Rosy-J’s sister and Joan is caring for her at home. Rosy-J was hospitalised in a vet’s … Continue reading

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Omi is a girl!

28-10-200917:10mms from SY“Is a girl.:)Luckily is a unisex name :)”

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Update on Omi 的更新

28-10-2009, 14:46mms from SY“Now able to climb 1.5 foot high cat bed to sleep 🙂His eyes are changing colours, taking on Mulan’s eye colour” 秀燕的mmsOmi是一个女孩约:幸运的是取了个男女都可用的名字。 “现在能够登上 1.5 英尺高的猫床睡觉:)他的眼睛的确颜色改,呈现Mulan眼睛的颜色”

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Omi in the poo bin

sms from SY, “Omi knows how to use the poo bin 🙂 It is about 5 weeks’ old now.

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Regal, a lovely dog left behind by an ex-worker of a shop. 商店的前工人留下一只可爱的狗

I saw him yesterday, being tied at the fence in front of a shop selling some bird cages and some huge stainless steel dog cages. When I approached him, he stood up and put both front paws together like “pai … Continue reading

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Suki loves human companionship 喜爱人类的陪伴

13:54, mms from SY“Attention seeker. I do my work on the PC and she will sit and relax right in front of the keyboard :)” 13:54秀燕的信息寻求被留意。我在电脑前工作,她轻松的坐在键盘前。

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Wendy sent SY a poster of Richie

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Omi’s Photoshoot by Dan Yeo

[nggallery id=3] Compliments of Photographer, Dan Yeo, of White Room Studio I almost wanted to adopt Omi myself! He kept following me throughout the whole shoot. At one point he was clinging onto the back of jeans while I was … Continue reading

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Adam’s Photoshoot by Dan Yeo

[nggallery id=2] Compliments of Photographer, Dan Yeo, of White Room Studio Rescued by Terry in early October 2009 at Adam Road Food Centre. This 4-month-old kitty boy just walked towards Terry from “nowhere” and followed him. Terry found no other … Continue reading

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Update on Omi Omi的最新情况

16-10-2009 14:49.”Omi boy,he’s having symptoms like Mulan – fever and joint pain, walking with a limp 14:49。“Omi,他有着像Mulan的症状-发烧和关节疼痛,走路的时候都一瘸一拐的。 16-10-2009 15:02, “After a wash ‘cos he soiled his beddings. He loves to be wrapped in soft cloth 🙂 ” 15时02分,“弄脏了的床上用品经过洗滴后,他喜欢被软布包裹着:)”

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