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Rosy -J

Rosy-J and her sister were rescued by Joan from under a vehicle’s tyre in Outram Park.
A large piece of skin was ripped off from Rosy-J’s sister and Joan is caring for her at home.

Rosy-J was hospitalised in a vet’s clinic. Xray showed a crack in the skull.
Now she is unable to coordinate her limbs and the slightest noise will make her cry loudly.
The vet said that she needed oxygen after each “seizure” and concluded that “better off to “pts”.

SY took over the care from yesterday.
Vet gave instruction for an anti-seizure medication to be squeezed into her rectum after each seizure.

Diluted AD was fed to her and also milk (meant for cats) was fed through feeding bottle.

Each time when she makes noise, she was carried and she would calm down right away.
She is also responding to Reiki.

Rosy-J might need acupuncture later.

Rosy-J 和她的姐妹被Joan从Outram Park的一车辆的轮胎救出。
Rosy-J须要入住兽医诊所。 Xray 显示骨头中有裂缝。
昨天SY 接手照顾她。
稀释的 AD和奶使用瓶子喂她(猫的食物)。

Rosy-J 迟些可能需要针灸。

Update on Omi 的更新

28-10-2009, 14:46
mms from SY
“Now able to climb 1.5 foot high cat bed to sleep 🙂
His eyes are changing colours, taking on Mulan’s eye colour”


“现在能够登上 1.5 英尺高的猫床睡觉:)

Regal, a lovely dog left behind by an ex-worker of a shop. 商店的前工人留下一只可爱的狗

I saw him yesterday, being tied at the fence in front of a shop selling some bird cages and some huge stainless steel dog cages.

When I approached him, he stood up and put both front paws together like “pai pai” – begging me to take him. I checked with the person in the shop. He quickly said I could have him.

I saw a signage on the wall with the word “Regal”, so I named him Regal. I will collect him tomorrow. He is like these Japanese mongrel – very smart, lean and short glossy fur.

His size is suitable for a HBD flat. The shop has a tipped ear cat that looked like Chase. Regal is ok with him too. After I talked to the owner of the shop, Regal put his marking on me, i.e. pee-d on my left foot 🙂 The owner kept saying sorry. I told him we are used to all these “naughty” acts by the four-legged. Regal was left behind about a year ago by an ex-worker.

Omi’s Photoshoot by Dan Yeo

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Compliments of Photographer, Dan Yeo, of White Room Studio

Dan YeoI almost wanted to adopt Omi myself! He kept following me throughout the whole shoot. At one point he was clinging onto the back of jeans while I was shooting Adam. Only after he fell off when I got up, that’s when I realised he was there:P Super adorable!

Adam’s Photoshoot by Dan Yeo

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Compliments of Photographer, Dan Yeo, of White Room Studio

Rescued by Terry in early October 2009 at Adam Road Food Centre. This 4-month-old kitty boy just walked towards Terry from “nowhere” and followed him. Terry found no other cats and kittens in the vicinity, so he took the kitten home and named him, what else, Adam! He is up for adoption.

Adam (09-10-2009) from Singapore Cats on Vimeo.

Dan YeoAdam was totally fearless when he came to my studio for the shoot. He ran and pounced around the studio hall, occasionally ‘attacked’ Omi, then ran off again. We put him on the white furry rug, then he licked himself and promptly went to sleep. A very handsome and adorable cat:D

Update on Omi Omi的最新情况

14:49.”Omi boy,he’s having symptoms like Mulan – fever and joint pain, walking with a limp


15:02, “After a wash ‘cos he soiled his beddings. He loves to be wrapped in soft cloth 🙂 ”