1st October 2009, 20.11pm, sms from SY
“A Vincent just called. He found a very young kitten under a multi-storey carpark’s drain.
He heard the calling but a human hand just couldn’t reach.
Finally he got it after removing several drain covers.
He was shocked to see there were a few sets of skeletons besides this poor fellow.
I suspect the mummy must be culled or taken away suddenly.
They were all left to die without milk.
So sad.
Vincent and wife have no experience with kittens.
Told him to go to the pet shop to buy Animalac milk powder.”

9.32pm, sms from SY
“The kitten is very cute. Now making milk to feed him.
Very short ears.
Dark grey like Alex-Blue.”



2nd October 2009, 8.35pm, sms from SY
“The little kitten’s name is Omi. He is very very cute but very loud! He looks less than 3 weeks’ old but he has almost a full set of teeth. Cannot get good photos yet. He looks like those miniature monkey 🙂 “