I saw him yesterday, being tied at the fence in front of a shop selling some bird cages and some huge stainless steel dog cages.

When I approached him, he stood up and put both front paws together like “pai pai” – begging me to take him. I checked with the person in the shop. He quickly said I could have him.

I saw a signage on the wall with the word “Regal”, so I named him Regal. I will collect him tomorrow. He is like these Japanese mongrel – very smart, lean and short glossy fur.

His size is suitable for a HBD flat. The shop has a tipped ear cat that looked like Chase. Regal is ok with him too. After I talked to the owner of the shop, Regal put his marking on me, i.e. pee-d on my left foot 🙂 The owner kept saying sorry. I told him we are used to all these “naughty” acts by the four-legged. Regal was left behind about a year ago by an ex-worker.