This is the spot where Snowie was spotted. Found besides the tyre of a parked car on the morning of 24-11-2009. Despite being frightened, like […]


23-11-2000Background:Moone saw this kitty at the temple ground opposite Windsor Hotel at MacPherson. since Saturday. Some foreign workers were feeding and that was how she […]


This rare kitten found by Sophia along Sengkang West Ave on 31st Oct 2009 9.30 am after a previous night of heavy rain. She brought […]

Fussie seeks a good home

Background: 10-11-2009 – In the early hours of the morning, an abandoned kitten, hungry and cold, thought the warm engine compartment of a car parked […]

Update on Pepper 最新情况

10-11-20099pm at Pet Clinic Pepper is now able to stand albeit unsteady.He is able to open the left injured eye.The jaw swelling has subsided considerably. […]


This is where Pepper was found on 04-11-2009 04-11-2009About 9am, Claudia and Do found a cat motionless on the grass along Bedok South Ave. 1The […]