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This is the spot where Snowie was spotted. Found besides the tyre of a parked car on the morning of 24-11-2009. Despite being frightened, like a child lost in a busy shopping centre, he showed no trace of aggression. 30-11-2009, … Continue reading

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23-11-2000Background:Moone saw this kitty at the temple ground opposite Windsor Hotel at MacPherson. since Saturday. Some foreign workers were feeding and that was how she survived all these while. She is less than 3 months’ old. Her front left leg … Continue reading

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Pepper given funeral rites in preparation for cremation tomorrow 明天为Pepper举行火化葬礼。

Covered with sandalwood powder. Mantras on a CD are played for his “consciousness” for at least 24 hours. He will be sent for cremation tomorrow. Pepper 在兽医诊所安祥地去世 虽然Pepper没能成功,他去世前收到亲切友好的呵护。于07-11-2009,如果他没有被Clauda and Do发现静伏在草地上,将会被扔到垃圾堆里。 覆盖着檀香粉。 CD上的经咒,为他的“意识”播放至少24小时。 明天他将送往火化。

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Pepper passed away peacefully at the vet clinic

Although Pepper didn’t make it, he received tender loving care before he passed on. He could have been tossed into a dumpster if he weren’t discovered by Clauda and Do on the grass by the road on 07-11-2009. Photos taken … Continue reading

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This rare kitten found by Sophia along Sengkang West Ave on 31st Oct 2009 9.30 am after a previous night of heavy rain. She brought him to Dr. Kasey Tan @ Mt Pleasant Clinic (Springside) for a check. According to … Continue reading

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Fussie seeks a good home

Background: 10-11-2009 – In the early hours of the morning, an abandoned kitten, hungry and cold, thought the warm engine compartment of a car parked in a HDB car park, was a safe place to seek refuge. Fortunately his loud … Continue reading

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Update on Pepper 最新情况

10-11-20099pm at Pet Clinic Pepper is now able to stand albeit unsteady.He is able to open the left injured eye.The jaw swelling has subsided considerably. He still needs to be handfed. Photo album Video clips on youtube Video clips on … Continue reading

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This is where Pepper was found on 04-11-2009 04-11-2009About 9am, Claudia and Do found a cat motionless on the grass along Bedok South Ave. 1The jaw appeared to be injured. Did someone kick him?SPCA was called but later cancelled.SY later … Continue reading

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Rosy-J passed away peacefully in her sleep 在睡梦中安然而逝。

8:18am, sms from SY “Rosy passed away in her sleep early this morning.Her last feed of 15ml of milk was at 3.15am. When I got up at 7.30am, her body was already hardened. She looked like she was in deep … Continue reading

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Rescuer’s account of Rosy-J and Nicha

From: “Joan”Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 4:12 PMSubject: Nicha Just a summary about the 2 kittens.. Almost 3 weeks ago, we came across a kitten laying in front of a car at a car park. As understood from the driver, … Continue reading

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