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Aiko is going to be a mum soon

This Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) was found wandering along Geylang Avenue 2 on 4th December 2009.
No owner responsed to advertisement in the Straits Times over the weekend and to the report lodged with SPCA. She was likely abandoned.

Baby Aiko was scanned at Pet Clinic that showed at least 3 puppies who are due any moment now.

Baby Aiko is now under the tender loving care of Linda.

The puppies will be put up for adoption and Baby Aiko will be neutered before she is adopted.

Update from Linda
01-Jan-2010, 10:26 pm “Aiko gave birth to first baby at 9.25pm. Unfortunately, already dead… 🙁 I’m still waiting for the next baby. She seemed so tired…”

02-Jan-2010 3:35 AM “Aiko gave birth to two more puppies! One at midnight and the other at 1.15 am. All alive, so adorable..dark brown and black. Rejoice! 🙂

02-Jan-2010 10:09AM “Aiko is fine. Just finished her breakfast. Seemed so hungry. She’s feeding them now.”




Name: Sunny

Gender: Male

Estimated DOB: 08-08-2008


Uses litter-bin of pine pellets

Temperament: prefers human companionship to his own species


Yet another victim of abandonment.
Found wandering in a HDB estate on 15-12-2009 at 7pm.
He followed any human being who called to him.

Frontline plus-ed on 15-12-2009

Photo album

Estimated DOB: 28-03-2009

Sterilised and vaccinated on 06-04-2010 (Pet Clinic)


Background: 06-12-2009: Wandering in the void deck of a block of HDB flats, trusting every human that came along.

Photo album

Estimated DOB: 08-12-2008

Calico cat information
“The state of Maryland has the calico cat as its state cat, since its colors are the same as the ones worn by the Baltimore Orioles.
If you clone a calico cat, you will not produce a calico, but either a red or black or gray cat.
In Japan, calico cats are considered lucky to have in the house. They are also thought to protect sailors on their ships. “

Sterilisation: pending

Vaccination: pending

Update on Bravo 更新

3.40pm, sms from SY to potential adopter
“Hi, I’ve been trying to get a good shot of him but never succeeded in doing so because he’s hyperactive. He’s been having loose motion for last 2 days. I am giving him some holistic medication. Can I send him over next Sunday? He’s been trying to eat semi-solid food but still not able to chew properly. I guessed this contributed to the loose stool. Will make sure he’s easy to be handled before I pass over to you. He is lean and small, not like big sister, Omi :)”

“你好,我一直试图为他拍张美丽的照片,但不成功,因为他太过活跃。他的粪便连续2天松软。我给他喂食 药物治疗。下星期日,我可以送他给你吗?他一直在尝试吃半固体食物,但仍然无法好好的咀嚼。我猜这造成他的粪便松软。会确保他易于处理后才交给你。他瘦, 小,不像大姐姐,Omi:)“

Baby Aiko

Found on 04-12-2009 at 7.30am

No record of this dog at the SPCA (photo and video have been emailed to the SPCA on 04-12-2009). Unable to get through the AVA line (1800-476-1600) and there is no response to message left on the AVA phone line. Announcement is made in the press for Saturday and Sunday. So far, only one caller but his lost JFR has the brown patch around the right eye. One sms-ed to indicate the wish to adopt if no one claims.

05-12-2009, update from SY, “Filly is young. Teeth very good. Scanned but no microchip detected.”


Christina updates on 05-12-2009, 17:52pm “Filly is extremely well-behaved! Never bark and small size :). Can rename her Baby Aiko, meaning “Little Love One or Child” in Japanese?”

Plan: On 08-12-2009, Filly or Baby Aiko will be brought to the vet for a physical that includes heartworm test and an ultrasound to check if she is already spayed. If she is not spayed, she will be boarded at the vet clinic for the surgery. There-after, if there is still no owner, a good home will be found for her.

An “anonymous” volunteer has pledged to sponsor the sterilisation fees.

Please contact us if you wish to sponsor her other vet fees (heartworm test, vaccination, deworming, a physical examination, etc) and her boarding fees.

Update on Mulan

Agnes Meurzec For those who cared for Mulan and particularly SY: I took Mulan today to vet for vaccination and she was totally impressed about how healthy and happy she looks. Whats adorable is her face and neck have not change or grew but her stomach is very round, so heavy that when she wants to climb she often falls because her backside is not following ha ha ha

So I am happy to say that Mulan is loved and well taken care.


8:18am, mms “Now she’s able to climb up to the second level of the cage to watch the rest playing :)”

Background: (from SY) – Rescued from a temple, hence her name Tempy. She is about 2.5 to 3.0 months’ 0ld. Very small build. Fantastic character – loves human. You just need to call her and she will purr!
Her front leg adjoining the shoulder blade was injured but has healed. There is no open wound.
She is black and has a short tail.
Very independent.
Loves can-food.
Loves soft toys.
Was sneezy when we found her.
She loves to sit up like a kangaroo 🙂
Easily contented.

Estimated DOB: 09-09-2009

Uses litter-bin

Vaccination: pending

From: “Moone Yip”
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 9:54 AM
Subject: Update on Tempy

Hello dear friends,

Just a note to update on Tempy. She’s blooming under the care and love of SY. Fractured leg is also on the mend. SY says she’s really adorable and is most happy when in the company of SY and her son.

Last Fri, Ron and I visited the cattery in Pasir Ris and made friends with the many kitties and doggies there. The passion and dedication of Siew Ying and her volunteers to our furry friends in need left us totally in awe. We are very very touched and the visit simply made our day !

Thank goodness for kind selfless folks like you guys ! Bless you all !