31-12-2009 03-04-2010 Name: Sunny Gender: Male Estimated DOB: 08-08-2008 Neutered Uses litter-bin of pine pellets Temperament: prefers human companionship to his own species

Maelle Adopted Tempy

4.29pm, mms from SY “Moone and Ron went with me to send Tempy. Saw Mulan. She’s beautiful! Tempy was very comfy with Maelle carrying her. […]


Yet another victim of abandonment. Found wandering in a HDB estate on 15-12-2009 at 7pm. He followed any human being who called to him. Frontline […]


Background: 06-12-2009: Wandering in the void deck of a block of HDB flats, trusting every human that came along. Photo album Estimated DOB: 08-12-2008 Calico […]

Update on Bravo 更新

3.40pm, sms from SY to potential adopter“Hi, I’ve been trying to get a good shot of him but never succeeded in doing so because he’s […]

Baby Aiko

Found on 04-12-2009 at 7.30am No record of this dog at the SPCA (photo and video have been emailed to the SPCA on 04-12-2009). Unable […]

Update on Mulan

Agnes Meurzec For those who cared for Mulan and particularly SY: I took Mulan today to vet for vaccination and she was totally impressed about […]


8:18am, mms “Now she’s able to climb up to the second level of the cage to watch the rest playing :)” Background: (from SY) – […]