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A Survivor

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Update on Semba: he uses the litter-bin!

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Background: Tarzan was one of two cats trapped on a tree for several days before he was rescued by the SPCA rescue team. He was an abandoned cat. Already neutered by ear untipped. DOB (estimated): 28-01-2009 Temperament: very friendly

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Background: Abandoned and cared for by a feeder, a resident complaint of her presence on a common corridor of a block of HDB flats. The town council ordered the feeder to “remove” the cat or the pest buster would “remove” … Continue reading

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Tabby cat Background: yet another victim of irresponsible cat owners – abandoned! Gender: Male DOB (estimated) 05-05-2009 Temperament: super “manja” (“affectionate”) Frontline plus applied: 20-01-2010

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For Adoption: Robin from Singapore Cats on Vimeo. DOB (estimated): 08-01-2009 Sterilisation and Vaccination:21-01-2010 (C4P) Update: 17th March 2010 6.34pm, sms from Siew Ying, “Robin was groomed at Loving Pets this afternoon. Groomer/Serene praised him, he s such a good … Continue reading

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Background: Frightened and hungry, this newly abandoned cat was chased by an established community cat. She was easily lured into a trap because of her hunger. Despite being in a state of extreme fear, she showed no sign of aggressive … Continue reading

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Background:He is yet another victim of abandonment. He was wandering in a HDB carpark, drinking from collections of condensed water dripping from pipes on the under-surface of cars. Despite being very frightened, there was no hissing or aggression during the … Continue reading

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With his best friend, Lang-Lang, at Acacia Vet Clinic, where they are neutered on 12th August 2010 Gender: male DOB (estimated): 28-09-2009 Vaccinated/dewormed at Pet Clinic: 16-01-2010 Sterilised: 12th August 2010 (Acacia Vet Clinic) Fosterer said, “Semba appeared like a … Continue reading

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Aiko’s puppy, Chow-Chow opens her eyes at noon 下午,Aiko的小狗张开了眼睛

Linda’s SMS“Hey! D brown puppy open eyes at 12pm sharp! Was playing wif her n she slowly open her eyes. And d amazing thing was, aiko delivered her at 12a.m sharp on 2nd jan!:-)rejoice!” Linda简讯 “嘿!棕色小狗在12点正张开眼睛!她慢慢地打开眼睛。令人惊奇的是,Aiko在1月2日12a.m 把她生下!:-)高兴!”

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