Update on Aiko and her babies; Aiko及她的孩子们的更新

05-01-2010 4:32pm
Update from Linda
“Aiko’s third puppy. Eats well, sleeps well, shits well. Very hyperactive and very noisy yo! 🙂 So adorable.
The other one sleeps whole day.
Aiko and puppies bring so much joy to us. “

05-01-2010 4:32pm 来自Linda的更新 ” Aiko’s的第三个小狗。吃得好,睡得好,排泄好。很好动、 很吵 !:)多么可爱。 另一个睡了一天。 Aiko与小狗带给我们这么多的快乐。”

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