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The sad and happy story of Deena ; Deena 的悲欢故事

SY wrote:“Someone sent Deena to us when she was about 3 months ago – very skinny and she kept looking down. Kibbles and wet food always went untouched. I decided to bring her home. Then I realised she was blind … Continue reading

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Update on Adam (now named Archer) and Fussie (now named Hunter) 更新Adam(现取名Archer)和Fussie(现取名Hunter)

Sacha Naga 22 February at 15:06 For the blog updates, if you like. Archer, formerly Adam, who is super affectionate and has the unique talent of being able to sneeze and fart simultaneously, yet is still huggable despite the emanations … Continue reading

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Story of Lang-Lang; Lang Lang 的故事

Saturday, January 23, 2010: A frrightened hungry and thirsty abandoned kitten barely 4 months of age! Too nervous to be allowed to be rescued; hope it will survive till it can be saved. Sunday, January 24, 2010: Lang-Lang trapped at … Continue reading

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FiFi: Adopted from Metta Cats in May 2004 when she was a 2.5mths old Shih Tzu

Christina Kwan Adopted from Metta Cats in May 2004 when she was a 2.5mths old Shih Tzu. Fifi’s history is a past and her future is my blessings. Likes: barking, eating, snoring, sleeping, playing, long strolls, car rides, biting and … Continue reading

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