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Breed: Siamese-cross Gender: female DOB (estimated) 28-05-2009 Sterilised: 12th August 2010 (Acacia Vet Clinic) Photo album Background: Discovered under a car in a HDB car park by an Indonesian domestic helper called Nur on the morning of 29-03-2010. Despite being … Continue reading

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Felix is still unable to pee and poo on his own

Hope to start his acupuncture sessions from Saturday and hope he will response as this cat called Orange-Boy: Orange Boy’s third acupuncture session Oct 21, ’06 9:09 AMfor everyone Tags: orange-boy, acupuncture

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Adamand now named Archer

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Tien-Zhen experiencing the "fruits" of her "good karma" 感受她的善果。

From almost being “culled” by the town council, to a wonderful life in her new home.mms sent by SY when she delivered some medication late last night for Tien-Zhen who was a bit sneezy and has some wetness in one … Continue reading

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Semba Returned to MettaCats

Semba was returned today because not everyone in the family agreed to his presence. It is no fault of Semba for the failed adoption. He is now re-available for a good “fur-ever” home.

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mms of JiMi

“Jimi, just dewormed him, hyper active boy, this photo taken when he was abt to sleep. Super cute.! :)” Jimi,刚去虫,超级活跃,这张照片是在他睡着时拍的。超可爱! :” 要领养 JiMi…请单击此处 To adopt here

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“Semba adjusting well to new home – liking catnip toy with bell on it!”

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Suki having mid-morning nap 午睡

Suki having mid-morning nap, after neutering, she s much friendlier with other feline friends, coat condition beautiful cos she eats only APD kibbles not keen ion canned food but crazy over cakes n patries n durians. 🙂 绝育后的Suki在中午小睡,她与其他猫儿很友好,因为她只吃APD kibbles所以毛发很亮丽,不喜爱罐头食品,但疯狂爱好蛋糕, patries … Continue reading

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SY’s sms “Named him Felix. Feeder (elderly lady) found him at blk 220B Bedok Central. He has to drag the hind legs, not neutered. collected him abt 8.30 pm last evening He is not eating and not drinking. He doesn’t … Continue reading

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Look at Lang-Lang’s Transformation

From this (23-01-2010), dumped into an industrial area’s car park, this frightened kitten was seen here with an adult cat called Houdini (who was trapped and neutered on 11-11-2008) who had gone missing since 13-03-2010. to this today! He has … Continue reading

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