Please “cat proof” your home. Your cats and kittens’ lives depend on you to be responsible for them. Mesh up your grills!

1.30pm: A caregiver was informed of a kitten who had fallen from a high-rise flat.

A Malay family living at the second storey heard a thud sound in the morning and later found a kitten on the roof of a linkway to the car park, just outside their windows.

The caregiver asked the family to help bring the kitten in.

(Photo above) The kitten was found on the curved metal roof of the linkway, close to the edge.

(Photo below) Likely to have fallen from the common corridor at the 6th storey (through the gaps of the railings besides the lift) or could someone have thrown the kitten down?

The kitten was examined by a Vet at about 2.45pm. The lower jaw was fractured as the teeth were retracted. X-rays will be taken to assess the jaw fracture and to look for other fractures such as the pelvis.

The kitten is about 4 months’ old. The gender is not ascertained yet.

It is tentatively called Barney.