Photo on the day he was rescued, 14-03-2010

15-03-2010, 9.27am, SY’s mms update:
“JiMi is much better today. Less sneezy. More active. He knows how to go and sleep in the box lined with soft cloth. He is using the litter-bin too! :)”

18-03-2010, SY updates:
“He’s still a little sneezy and he is on medication. We thought he can only eat soft food, was surprised he was able to munch kibbles when we left him out to change his beddings, he rushed to the food station 🙂 super cute better haev him adopted fast before Terry gets attached :)”

Background: Found in a HDB car park on 14-03-2010

Breed: DSB (Domestic ShortHair);(black and white with long straight tail)

Gender: male

DOB (estimated): 08-01-2010