From almost being “culled” by the town council, to a wonderful life in her new home.
mms sent by SY when she delivered some medication late last night for Tien-Zhen who was a bit sneezy and has some wetness in one ear.

Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 3:35 PM

so sorry been really busy with exam preparations… havent had time to send to the pictures i took of tien zhen…! haha

give me sometime to settle work and ill post up some pictures of the princess!!

on a whole shes been reallly well… adapting to her new home and getting very comfortable (too comfortable even)… really hyper and plays alot… sleeps on my bed most of the time! haha

will send u pictures in a couple of days!

thanks so much once again!


SY mms: 因为她伤风和一只耳朵有些湿, 所以昨晚深夜送一些药物给她。

Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 3:35 PM

很抱歉,由于忙着准备考试 … …还没来得及把Tien-Zhen的照片发送给你! 哈哈
给我一点时间安排好工作后,将会把公主的照片呈上 !!
她真的很好 … … 适应她的新家生活和很舒适 (实在太舒服) … … 真的超活跃和很爱玩… … 大部分时间在我的床上睡觉 ! 哈哈
将在这几天发送照片给你 !
再一次的感谢你 !