Acupuncture at Mt Pleasant Referral Clinic by Dr Oh Hock Soon at 4.15pm

Dr Oh viewing the Xrays done at Pet Clinic, that showed fracture of the hip. There could be contusion to the spine too, accounting for the total lack of sensation in Mikho’s hind limbs when Dr Au examined him on the 13th April.

Next acupuncture session on 21st April 2010 11.45am

针灸地点在Mt Pleasant Referral Clinic,由Dr Oh Hock Soon诊治。

Dr Oh查看宠物诊所的Xrays,显示臀部有骨折。 应该是脊椎撞伤的原故,4 月 13 日,Dr Oh检查发现Mikho的后脚缺乏感觉。