Tripod, a 3 legged female, that SY collected from Raffles Girls’ School about a year ago, after receiving call from a teacher.

She was aboutt 2 months old then, very tiny in built.

She was brought up in the cattery by a surogate mummy-cat who was still nursing kittens that were abt 6 months old.

Tripod got along well with this family till abt a month ago she was down with fever.

SY brought her to the vet and brought her home since then.

She looks like 4 – 5 months’ old kitten but she s about a year old now, she can climb on the shelves and can run fast 🙂

Her lower section of left hind is gone, when we first got her the wound was still a bit raw. Now skin is ok.

This is the left hind leg without the lower section. Wound healed. Nobody knows how this happen.

There is no support from the RGS teacher after handing Tripod over.

Tripod,一个3条腿的慈性猫,一年前,在接到老师的电话,秀燕从Raffles Girls’ School接收她。
她大约 2个月大,身躯非常瘦小。

她看上去像4 – 5个月的小猫,但她现在大概一岁了,她可以爬上架子,也可以跑得很快:)
她已经失去左脚,当我们第一次看到她时,伤口仍有点疼痛。 现在皮肤已经复原。
这是左后腿没有了。 伤口愈合了。 没有人知道事情如何发生的。