Star is making remarkable recovery, with the help of acupuncture.
The limbs are no longer stiff.
She is now able to fold her front limbs inwards like a “normal” cat.
Her hind limbs are significantly stronger and she started growling the moment the smallest voltage of electrical stimulation was given to the needles on her hind limbs, whereas there was no reaction at all during the first acupuncture session.

Her 6th acupuncture session is on Wednesday (19th May 2010).

16th May 2010
SY’s sms
“This morning, Star saw the round scratch-board that Jimi was playing with, she tried to stand up but hindlegs still weak. She was trying to reach the S-board :).

I passed her a soft toy that she held in her arms. She is an old cat also behaving young when they are among the youngs 🙂 Hope she can walk soon.

I will take some pics of Felix today; one of the volunteer called on Friday that Felix climbed on to 3rd level of the shelf n sleep. :)”

“Star can eat, giving her neuro-vitamins, but all upper and lower teeth are gonel only left with 1 or 2. Very old granny :)”