Star’s 9th Acupuncture Session 的第 9 次针灸

照片来自Susan的 facebook:

“今天是美好的一天,我目睹了Star能够在兽医的屋内爬行 !她仍不能正常的自己走路,但她已有足够的力量和移动坐起来,她可以随意的移动到她想要到的地方,和 … … 抓自己的耳朵!!! 做得很好!”

Photos from Susan’s facebook:
Susan wrote:
“Today is a good day – I witnessed how Star is able to scramble across the room at the vet’s! She still can’t carry herself fully and walk like normal, but she has regained enough strength and mobility to sit up, move to where she wants to, and ….. scratch her ears on her own!!! WELL DONE STAR!”