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Bernard receiving Reiki Bernard 接受气功治疗

mms from Mary Lim
“He is so comfortable, turning his body towards Betty.
Betty said Bernard has lots of pain at the lower body.
She will return weekly to volunteer her service.
I felt the heat energy channeled to him, it is indeed warm.
I have never seen Bernard so relaxed . Betty said acupuncture would be great.
Also dinner has been delivered by Bee Lian.”

mms from Mary Lim
我从没有看过Bernard这么的轻松,Betty说针灸对他和好。Bee Lian同时送来晚餐。

• 今天,Mary请了半天假陪Betty给Bernard做第一次的气功治疗。
• 每天,Bee Lian为他带来家里煮的高蛋白的食物。
• Dr Kong和工作人员,给与日常的专业护理。
• 人们赞助医药费。

If Bernard could speak, he would express his gratitude to so many people giving him the present “MIRACLE OF LOVE“:

  • Today Mary took half day leave to accompany Betty giving him his first session of Reiki.
  • Bee Lian for bringing home-cooked high protein food to him daily.
  • Dr Kong and staff for their daily tender loving professional care
  • People who sponsor the vet cost

In view of his age and multiple medical problems, Bernard’s prognosis is “guarded”.
However no effort is ever wasted on a motivation of unconditonal love for Bernard. We each do what we can for Bernard and every day that he experiences kindness and compassion, is a day worth living for Bernard. For every day that Bernard still breathes, there is still HOPE.

Bernard has a visitor this morning 今天上午,Bernard 的访客

mms from Morna,
“Yum Yum…after given some dog’s treats”

“To me bernard’s eyes r still full of life, he wants to live on. The only worry is will there be a kind soul 2 bring him home, give him the unconditional love; nurse n walk him. If tat can be done, Bernard is happy.”

mms from Morna,

“Yum Yum…给了一些狗粮后”

“对我来说,Bernard的眼睛仍旧充满生气,他要活下去。唯一担心的是会有人带他回家吗?给他无条件的爱,;照顾他,和他一起散步。如果可以做到,Bernard会很高兴。 “

A Plea for Bernard

Was this dog bought because of this movie?

See this posting: Please help to save Bernard

The St. Bernard: “The heart and soul of a gentle giant”

Known worldwide as “the dog that rescues people,” the St. Bernard is much loved as a gentle family companion, perhaps somewhat clumsy in the confines of a suburban home, but with a big heart and friendly demeanor that reflects his origin as a hospice dog in the Swiss Alps.

This St Bernard dog, aptly called Bernard, was born on 17th August 2001. He was adopted by a family who lived in a landed property. Some years later, due to unforeseen circumstances, the family had to move to a HDB flat where big dogs are now allowed. Bernard was placed in a kennel in a commercial boarding facility.

On the 21st of June this year, the owner decided to put him down as she could no longer afford to sustain his care in the kennel.

He was taken over by MettaCats and has been under the care of Dr Bryan Kong since 21st June 2010. Hopefully treatment will restore strength to the deconditioned limbs.

Please contact us if you can help in

1) Finding a permanent home for home : BEST outcome
2) Finding a foster home for home with space for a big dog
3) Sponsoring the cost of caring for him such as sponsoring the vet fees at Acacia Vet Clinic (at AMK) and later acupuncture sessions with Dr Oh Hock Soon of Mt Pleasant Referral Clinic at Whitley Rd
4) Purchasing food for Bernard by ordering from Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd

mms photo from Mary Lim who wrote

Bernard deserves another chance in life

With someone who is willing to walk his slow, painful path with him,

Someone who would love him unconditionally and accept him for what he is,

Someone who would plant good imprints for his next life.

Big in size but bones are felt throughout his weak body,

Big in size but with a gentle spirit.

If Bernard could, he would speak of

His happiness,

His confusion,

His anguish,

His sadness


His pain.

Let’s give Bernard d joy, love n care he deserves.

Update on Elsie-Chan 的更新

23-06-2010, 10pm
sms from SY
“I brought Elsie to mc cos soiled the carrier n refused to let us clean. Mc cage is bigger easier to manage. now she stayed out of the carrier.”

23-06-2010 ,晚上10时
“我带了Elsie回mc要清洗笼子,她拒绝让我们清理。Mc的笼较大更易于处理。现在 她不须要留在笼子里。 “


Adopted from Metta Cats in May 2004 when she was 2.5mths old.

Fifi’s history is a past and her future is my blessings.

Likes: barking, eating, snoring, sleeping, playing, long strolls, car rides, biting and air-con (^.^)
Dislikes: grooming and thunder 🙁

My Maxim: “A noisy friend, yet a loyal and sweet pal.”

Adopt instead of buying a puppy…♡

When I first brought her home @ 2.5mths old…♡

she eats a lot! she ate 3 char siew bao… OMG -.-“