EC’s dad passed away 1-1/2 years ago and left a cat aged 14-year-old behind.

She was stray cat and was given to him since kitten but “has a weird behaviour since young”.

EC described the cat as very very defensive (“you cannot even touch or go near her”), and “she will chase and bite you back”.

The cat is now staying alone in a 3- room flat and EC will go there only once a week to give her food as well as to clear her waste.

The cat seemed to be suffering from skin problems (“patches of furs loss”) and EC was unable to bring her to the vet “due to her weird behaviour”.

EC also claimed she has ringworm on her skin “which I believe is from her”.

EC is no longer able to keep her as she needs to sell the flat and the cat is not suitable for adoption (“checked with SPCA”). “The only way is to put her to sleep, since we are unable to carry in to SPCA due to her defensive behaviour”.

Epilogue:Through Veron, the cat is on the way to Pet Clinic to be treated by Dr Au and then boarded at MC.

18th May 2010
SY updates on Elsie-Chan
“Very big size, pupils always dilated, very stressed up! Poor fellow! I think it has no human touch for a long time! Skin s condition not so good too! At least now it doesnt need to die !

21st May 2010
Elsie-Chan was sedated for a thorough examination by Dr Au last evening.
SY updates,” Elsie is a girl 🙂 Dr. Au said the patches are ringworms n plenty of furmites, thinking of discharging her on Sunday.”

22nd May 2010
SY, “Forgot to tell you that poor Elsie has ingrown toe nails, that’s very painful, no wonder she behaved weirdly as claimed”

20th June 2010
Elsie-Chan has to be sedated again to be placed in a carrier. Dr Robin Au took the opportunity to apply another dose of Revolution on her.

SY will be taking care of her from now and she sms-ed:
“She is in my home, refused to come out from carrier so we put the whole carrier into the 2 tiered cage.
Elsie seems ok, never hiss even I put food n water in. I felt it is best to hv home environmt for her situation. Hope she will change… she s very heavy. Dr. Au put another revolution for Elsie today.”