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Update on Brightie-Girl

Mms from SY
“Brightie Girl – she is getting used to our kennel now, she can feel when we r near her, she will stand up to greet us, ate 2 cans of small wishbone n some kibbles this morning, now she s eating another type of canned food plus mutton treats. She finished all. :)”

“She s getting closer to us now. She knows when to switch beds, when other one is soiled she will slowly find her way to the smaller one 🙂 “

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These Maltese Dogs Almost Ended Up in a Puppy Mill

5 Malteses, 3 girls and 2 boys. 2 girls need contant medication.

At a time of crisis in the family, these dogs almost ended up in a puppy mill.

Towards midnight, the two boys were handed into the care of MettaCats. BL is fostering them.

Hopefully the family is able to cope with just 3 Malteses.

Photos taken late last night.

mms from SY
“The 2 Maltese we collected last night. The top one called Tong Tong, other one called Ah Don. Both boys abt 3 years old. Both must be adopted together, Ah Don has some skin problem, will send to Jane (of Loving Pets that does NOT sell pets) for Mud bath. Beelian is fostering them at the moment. Very adorable pair. 🙂

“Both boys are not neutered but must be rehomed together or Ah Don will cry for the brother.”

If you would like to sponsor their care, such as the mud-bath (at Loving Pets), sterilisation and other vet care such as vaccination, heartworm test and heartworm prophylaxis, food, etc, please contact us.

As both dogs must be adopted together, they cannot be legally adopted into a HDB flat. Contact us if you live in a property with no limitation of “one dog”. Approval of adoption will include pre- and post approval home visits.

Please Support MettaCats by buying these Notepads

Each note book cost S$10 and has 50 pages; 3 pages of write up and 47 blank pages. The net proceeds will be given to MettaCats to support their work.

To buy via post, contact us and indicate:
1) Number of copies
2) Address for delivery

Instruction will be given on how to make payment ONLY after receiving the notepads.

Free postage within Singapore only.

The notepads are also available at
LPN Art School
LPN Main Outlet at Suntec City Mall
#03-023, Tower 2, (Front Atrium, near Toys ‘R’ us)
Liang Court, #02-31B
(Coming up from the escalator next to Starbucks)

Update on Brightie : Day 04 at the shelter

4pm, sms from SY:

“Brightie not eating too well today.

Eyes really cant see! now grooming herself. the volunteer put a carton box for her to sleep on.

…Left kibbles for her too. Pangsai ok, well formed!”

6pm, mms from SY:

“Brightie – she ate up the small can of wishbone, will give her another can before leaving mc.”

9.30pm, further update
“Brightie finished the 2nd can of wishbone :)”

“She doesnt like Nature s Gift, tomoro will cook meatballs n brownrice for her. She’s very pitiful, she looks so lost, eyes can’t see :(“