This cat was abandoned in a market mall a few weeks ago. The feeder was awaiting a sterilisation slot through CWS to have him neutered but 2 days ago, someone informed the feeder that this cat was injured. She trapped the cat and SY brought him to Pet Clinic today.

mms from SY
“From blk 53, laceration on tail, wound infected, hospitalised!

Jerry s tail looks like being sliced by pen knife. Just like apple being peeled by peeler, wound abt 4 inches in length., the strip of skin still hanging from the tail. :(”

The feeder is not able to pay for the vet fees. Please contact us if you would like to help out with the fees.

Jerry is about 1 year-young and as you see from the video, he has very good temperament. He will make a very good home feline companion.