These are “pariah” puppies.

(Pariah is derived from a Tamil word first used in English in 1613, to refer to the lowest level of the traditional Indian caste system; in English, it is used to mean “a social outcast“)

They may end up in cooking pots like Brightie-Girl who almost did, or killed by cars, or caught by AVA’s dog-catchers, etc. With more and more people being squeezed into the small little island, these strays live very hard and precarious lives.

They are prejudiced against because they are not recognised here as pedigree and hence excluded from being pets in HDB flats where almost 90% of people live.

Their chance of being adopted into private residence is reduced by the lack of people who view dogs beyond materialistic status but simply as dogs who, just like any other dogs, deserving the safe refuge of good homes.

9th October 2010, mms from SY

“We took the 5 puppies found under the trucks’ parking area at Ponggol Field. Mother nowhere to be found.

I think they are about 6 to 8 weeks old.

All with bloated stomachs and bad skin.

Will arrange to see Dr. Denise Ng tomorrow night.”

Big sister holding the small fellow 🙂

This is the smallest one but the loudest 🙂

This one resting the chin 🙂

This one is cute too! 🙂

Look at them! Nicely sleeping on the lower level of a shelf at Mettacats! They are now occupying a cubicle within the cats area 🙂

You can help the volunteers care for these puppies by
1) Sponsoring food
2) Sponsoring the vet care
3) Sponsoring the boarding
4) Buying MettaCats notepads
4) Best of all, find good homes for them