Mms from SY
“Brightie – Yesterday I gave her some boiled chicken fillet as treats, she took the 3 pcs out from the bowl n laid them on the floor very closed to where she usually sleeps., I guessed she is not hungry but keeping watch over her treats, poor Duke was drooling seeing chicken fillet on the floor next door. Can see cannot touch! 🙂 In this pics,, she brought a piece to show Duke n ate infront of him 🙂 Duke has never barked at Brightie since the day she came in. :)”

Story of Duke
“Rottweiler, 7 years plus with us, at 10 months old owner asked Pet taxi to send down to vet to pts due to his hind legs problem. Now He is huge 50+ kg, he also hv heart problem, we built him a special kennel with bigger space n double security door 🙂 he s black so not easy to take good pics.”

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