Poppadum kittens on the way to Le-Ann

29-10-2010, Lizzie

29-10-2010, Lilo

29-10-2010, Leah

From fosterer, Le-Anne

“Hi All,

Just some feedback on the ‘Poppadum kittens'(LOL! The term is from a children’s book ‘Slinky Malinky’ by Lynley Dodd)

The tri-coloured kitten – Lilo (lee-lo)is the more dominant one. She is adventurous, outgoing and very sweet. She is also comfortable as a lap cat. She will sleep on your lap easily. She is quite playful.

The striped orangey one with a shorter tail – Lizzie, is a sweetie too. Happy to play and very easy-going with people. Also a lap cat.

The striped greyish one with the long tail – Leah, is a little shy, thoug I believe she is the real sweetie at heart. She is definitely a girly-girl. I believe she is the type of cat, who might not warm easily to strangers, but will love her family loyally. I also feel she is the least likely to wander, and will be more of a homely cat, because of her cautious personality. Definitely a lap cat.

They are using their litter tray well, have been flea-treated and dewormed.