Omi, the kitten on the front cover the MettaCats notepads
The story of Omi

A heart warming example is the story of Omi. A pedestrian heard the cries of a cat. When they removed the drain covers, they found a small weak kitten crying for help. Around this kitten were skeletal remains of his siblings.

Omi was sent to MettaCats and with lots of loving tender care, Omi has now grown into a happy kitten and made lots of new friends with the other kittens. A photographer has even done photo shoots of Omi and with his good friend Adam.

MettaCats hopes to find loving homes for the cats but there are cats that are not adopted. For such animals, MettaCats look after them till the end of their lives.

As you can imagine by now, it takes a lot of courage and determination, both physically and emotionally, to manage Mettacats. Siew Ying and her volunteers are driven by the belief in compassion and love for all beings and have translated that thought into action. They are not paid but have to pay for the animal’s food, medicine and medical services.

MettaCat’s efforts meant that every abused or abandoned animal that they reach out to get another chance to survive and to recover in a loving, caring and safe environment.