Background: mms from SY “Zee Zee girl, rescued from woodlands about 3 mths old. For adoption to good homes only!”

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Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 10:55 AM
Subject: story of Zee Zee
I found Zee Zee nearly one month ago @ my office canteen (Woodlands Ind Park E5). She came for food. She is around 2 mth plus. There is no sight of her parents. She is just alone. She went missing for 1 week plus and appear @ the canteen in the morning. I feed her with pet milk which i bought eariler to standby for her. I try to ask around for foster but no one can help til rain told me that Metta cat can take her in. I was happy n want to bring Zee Zee to my office while i arrange for pet taxi to be send to Pet clinic.
End up the canteen’s staff throw her to other street which i unable to locate her. Woodlands area always rain in the evening. After that day, i always look out fr the window n hope to see her. Finally, she appear one day ( which is disappear nearly to 2 weeks), i want to catch her but i cant see her when i reach canteen.
The next day, Zee Zee appear @ my canteen during lunch hour. she “beg” for food n canteen’s staff try to catch her. Canteen’s staff is nt friendly towards them, so i found a box n pl Zee Zee @ my office while i arrange pet taxi. I did fed her while i doing the arrangement.
Pet taxi came @ 2.30 to bring her to vet. Things went wrong as i was given the wrong address. She jump out from the box while the uncle of the taxi asking for the address. Lucky, she know the way n return the place where she lost. It was shop houses. She was kept @ the shop house 4 a night before i went to look for her. Consider as lucky that i able to find her the next day. i bring her to vet n boarding. after that, siew yin brought her to metta cat.

28th December 2010, mms from SY: ” Zee Zee follows Mike everywhere icon smile Zee Zee and Mike 🙂 ”

Photo taken by Bee Leng on 09-06-2011