“”Penny – the kitten from blk 81/82, abput 7 weeks old.
She is suspected being abused with acute onset of left hindlimb lameness – feeder aunty who claimed that she couldn’t afford to bring her to the vet found her dragging her hindlimb and left her in this condition for more than 10 days now.
I only came to know about it on wednesday morning.
I told another feeder to help to catch and pass to me.
I collected her on Wednesday night (29-12-2010) and brought her to Dr. Au yesterday (30-12-2010). Too young to go through other procedures. Now her left hindlimb is bandaged in such a way that the limb is not left draggin.
Dr. Au said to review her in a week’s time. Will carry on giving joint support. Hope she will recover soon.”

“Due to the pain, she was not eating on Tuesday & Wednesday. Yesterday (Thursday) she ate a little but this morning she finished half a can of fancy feast :)”

“Penny ‘s bandanged hindlimb”

“Yum! Yum!”