Mms from SY “Amber for adoption duper with human but stand other cat. :)” Send your request to adopt her here.

YT Mama

She suffered a stroke some time ago and now recovering from a “flu”. YT = Tilted Head in Chinese (due to the stroke).


19-03-2011 mms update on Russel “Russel – the asthmatic cat, he looks healthier now. No more wheezing. :)” Russel is one of those cats in […]


“Presenting the handsome. Panther – 1st time get his close-up pics :)” “Panther eating wishbone” “Panther – right eye has opaque layer. Cataract ?” “Panther […]

Update on Tuah

19th March 2011, mms from SY, “Tuah having supper – wishbone :)” 19th March 2011, mms from Sy, “Tuah allowed me to touch him today […]

Story of Tuah

From: “Shirley” Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 12:53 PM Urgent!!! Pls help the poor cat. Hi, My name is Shirley. I really need your help. […]