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YT Mama

She suffered a stroke some time ago and now recovering from a “flu”.

YT = Tilted Head in Chinese (due to the stroke).

We are NOT able to…..

This posting is in response to some emails sent to MettaCats.

We are just a handful of human beings who volunteer our spare time (yes, we are all working full time) to take care of the cats and dogs at the shelter.

We need help to care for these animals and to rehome them.

Hence we are NOT able to response to requests to

1) Pick up sick cats and dogs (some people did not even leave exact location and refuse to help because “I just passed by there.” or “I am busy working”.

2) Rehome the cats and dogs that you pick up

3) Take in your cats or dogs for a variety of reasons such as a newborn babies, suspected allergies, moving to smaller apartments, moving out of this country, etc. At our discretion, we may post your emails on our facebook to see if any friends on our list  can help you but you will need to provide complete information such as links to photos and videos as well as your contact numbers.

4) We do not provide temporary service (please note the risk of contracting infection in any boarding facility. A better option if you are going away for short period of time is to engage a cat sitter).

Kindly refer to the Cat Welfare Society FAQ that offers tips on how you can help the animals that you come across or have picked up.

Thank you.


mms update on Russel
“Russel – the asthmatic cat, he looks healthier now. No more wheezing. :)”

Russel is one of those cats in which the person who appealed for help totally disconnected herself from the cat, not bothering to find out about the Russel or even thanked the people who sponsored the vet bills of Russel.

Read about Russel on MettaCats Facebook


“Presenting the handsome.

Panther – 1st time get his close-up pics :)”

“Panther eating wishbone”

“Panther – right eye has opaque layer. Cataract ?”

“Panther – no longer scared of me :)”

Miss Cai having Wishbone for supper

Story of Ms Cai 的故事

Ms Cai used to stay in blk 1** commonwealth area – about 3 years of age.

A PRC Chinese student left her behind in the flat after moving out.

The main tenant said she couldn’t cope because new tenants did not want cat in the flat.

She would probably be left downstairs.

A caregiver called Tony helped to collect from the main tenant more than a month ago.

Cai came with a tiny bottle of IAMS kibbles & a toy.

She was not neutered.

She was sent to Pet Clinic for sterilisation 2 weeks ago. Dr. Au said she was looking very depressed so I kept her there for observation and treatment.Now she is starting to eat a little.

She will be discharged for care at home soon, as she is not so cat-friendly.

Can anyone help to foster (must be a home who doesnot have any other cat)? Please contact MettaCats here.

Update on Tuah

19th March 2011, mms from SY, “Tuah having supper – wishbone :)”

19th March 2011, mms from Sy, “Tuah allowed me to touch him today 🙂 tomoro will clean him up :)”

Story of Tuah

From: “Shirley”
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 12:53 PM
Urgent!!! Pls help the poor cat.
My name is Shirley. I really need your help.

We have this cat staying at my friend’s aunty’s house for 6 yrs. As she is moving out of her house, her new rented house does not allow her to keep cat. She is finding another home for the cat.

However, this cat went out of the house one day n was picked up someone n sent to SPCA. As there is collar stating the info of the owner, SPCA contacted the aunty saying tat this cat has to put to sleep as it was afraid of strangers.

This cat doesn’t go out of the house. So it only recognise his owner (the aunty). And now the SPCA say they will put it to sleep since it was a fierce cat.

Can you help us to stop SPCA for putting it to sleep? They say they can only keep it till tomorrow. It is a healthy cat.

I used to to keep this cat with me for a month n put up for adoption in your website 6 yrs ago.

We hope to do something to save this cat. It is not a stray cat. It has been taken good care of.

Can you help us to save it and put up for adoption? Please.

Please call me @ 907*****. We really hope to save this poor cat.



26th February 2011
Shirley redeemed the ginger/white cat from the SPCA this morning and brought him to see Dr Kong of Acacia Vet Clinic for vaccination and an injured claw.

SMS from SY “Abel, the vet tech said he’s not fierce but nervous, one of the claws is injured Dr. Kong prescribed antibiotic cream.”

mms from SY “From spca : Tuah aka Mimi. :)”

From: shirley
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 9:11 AM
Subject: The cat is saved. All Thanks To Mettacat
Hi and good morning to u.
Thanks for your reply.

We got the cat out from SPCA yesterday morning. He was very tame n didn’t struggle when the aunty took him out. It was not fierce like what the staff said.

When we examined the cat, we realised the nail on its right paw came out. It might be due to the struggle when it was caught.

After the paperwork at SPCA, we brought the cat to Acacia (recommended by Siew Ying) for vacc.

The cat behaved very well in the clinic. It did not have any fierce reaction when Dr Kong checked on him. He was very co-operative throughout the check-up.

We were very grateful and wanted to thank Siew Ying for providing a shelter for this poor cat. She is really a person with big heart. Even Dr Kong said she is a nice lady. 🙂

As for the cat’s food, we will be sponsoring every month.

I know that some of the cats will be put up for adoption. Can this cat don’t put up for adoption at the moment?

I hope this family will bring this cat home some day. They were so sad when they took a last look at “Tuah” (they named the cat “Tuah” meaning lucky).

As the cat is in MettaCats now, I would like to know is he adapting well, is he eating well? etc.

If convenient, we would like to see him. Can help to arrange a good timing to visit him on weekends?

Feel free to call me @ 907******.

Once again, Thanks a million.