Story of Ms Cai 的故事

Ms Cai used to stay in blk 1** commonwealth area – about 3 years of age.

A PRC Chinese student left her behind in the flat after moving out.

The main tenant said she couldn’t cope because new tenants did not want cat in the flat.

She would probably be left downstairs.

A caregiver called Tony helped to collect from the main tenant more than a month ago.

Cai came with a tiny bottle of IAMS kibbles & a toy.

She was not neutered.

She was sent to Pet Clinic for sterilisation 2 weeks ago. Dr. Au said she was looking very depressed so I kept her there for observation and treatment.Now she is starting to eat a little.

She will be discharged for care at home soon, as she is not so cat-friendly.

Can anyone help to foster (must be a home who doesnot have any other cat)? Please contact MettaCats here.