This posting is in response to some emails sent to MettaCats.

We are just a handful of human beings who volunteer our spare time (yes, we are all working full time) to take care of the cats and dogs at the shelter.

We need help to care for these animals and to rehome them.

Hence we are NOT able to response to requests to

1) Pick up sick cats and dogs (some people did not even leave exact location and refuse to help because “I just passed by there.” or “I am busy working”.

2) Rehome the cats and dogs that you pick up

3) Take in your cats or dogs for a variety of reasons such as a newborn babies, suspected allergies, moving to smaller apartments, moving out of this country, etc. At our discretion, we may post your emails on our facebook to see if any friends on our list  can help you but you will need to provide complete information such as links to photos and videos as well as your contact numbers.

4) We do not provide temporary service (please note the risk of contracting infection in any boarding facility. A better option if you are going away for short period of time is to engage a cat sitter).

Kindly refer to the Cat Welfare Society FAQ that offers tips on how you can help the animals that you come across or have picked up.

Thank you.